‘Government Needs to Step In’: Food Banks Across US Report Unprecedented Demand—and Shortages—as Coronavirus Pandemic Ravages 

‘Government Needs to Step In’: Food Banks Across US Report Unprecedented Demand—and Shortages—as Coronavirus Pandemic Ravages

“We’re seeing people from every socio-economic level because the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.”

By Julia Conley

As 6.6 million Americans filed jobless claims last week—part of at least 10 million people in the U.S. who are out of work in the last two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic—increasingly long lines at food banks across the country offered another grim illustration of the financial realities faced by the poor and working classes in the United States.

According to an investigation by The Guardian, demand at food banks has increased by eight times in some areas. About a third of people interviewed by the outlet at food banks last month had never before needed food assistance. 

Kristin Warzocha, CEO of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, said the trend was not surprising considering the precarious circumstances working Americans are accustomed to living in, with 78% of workers living paycheck to paycheck and 45% reporting that they have no savings account.

“We’re seeing people from every socio-economic level because the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck,” Warzocha told The Guardian.

The coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, spread to every state in the U.S. in March and drove governments in 38 states to direct nearly 300 million people to stay home—forcing businesses across the country to close and lay off or furlough workers.

In Cleveland, The Guardian spoke with first-time food bank visitors including a freelance photographer, a woman who worked in the hospitality industry, and a cab driver.

At St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona, spokesman Jerry Brown reported that “people who knew about us because they donated or volunteered are coming in for food.”

“The 2008 recession doesn’t touch this,” Brown told The Guardian. “It’s a different ballgame.”

On social media, a number of media outlets detailed unprecedented demand and supply shortages at food banks in Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania—where Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Andrew Rush posted an aerial view of hundreds of cars lined up outside the Greater Community Food Bank in Duquesne.

The food bank in Greater Pittsburgh reported it received more than 1,000 calls from people in need of assistance in the past two weeks. Ninety percent of the calls were from people who were newly unemployed.

In Massachusetts, a pantry in Amherst distributed 849% more food in March than it did last year.

The high demand at the nation’s food banks comes as some Americans await a means-tested one-time payment of $1,200 per adult—a figure that is projected to last the average household less than two weeks in the midst of a crisis that could go on for several months.

In order to support the rising number of Americans facing job loss and food-insecurity, Kellie O’Connell of the Lakeview pantry in Chicago told The Guardian, the federal government must take responsibility for ensuring working people in the wealthiest country in the world don’t go hungry. 

“Philanthropy and not-for-profits are not going to be able to meet food demands,” O’Connell said. “The government needs to step in.”

Source: ‘Government Needs to Step In’: Food Banks Across US Report Unprecedented Demand—and Shortages—as Coronavirus Pandemic Ravages | Common Dreams News

Fed Economists Warn US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%—During Great Depression It Peaked at 25% 

Fed Economists Warn US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%—During Great Depression It Peaked at 25%

“These are very large numbers by historical standards, but this is a rather unique shock that is unlike any other experienced by the U.S. economy in the last 100 years.”

By Jake Johnson

Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are warning that if the current rate of U.S. job losses continues, the country’s unemployment rate could reach a staggering 32.1% by the end of June as the coronavirus pandemic-induced downturn sparks mass layoffs across the nation.

Miguel Faria-e-Castro, an economist with the St. Louis Fed, wrote in an analysis last week that 47 million more workers could lose their jobs by the end of the second quarter of 2020, bringing the total number of unemployed people in the U.S. to 52.8 million. As CNBC noted, that number would be “more than three times worse than the peak of the Great Recession.”

Faria-e-Castro’s projection of 32.1% unemployment would put the U.S. jobless rate significantly higher than the Depression-era peak of 24.9%.

“The projections are even worse than St. Louis Fed President James Bullard’s much-publicized estimate of 30% [unemployment],” CNBC reported. “They reflect the high nature of at-risk jobs that ultimately could be lost.”

Faria-e-Castro stressed that “the expected duration of unemployment” could matter more “than the unemployment rate itself, especially if the recovery is quick (and so duration is short).”

“These are very large numbers by historical standards,” Faria-e-Castro wrote, “but this is a rather unique shock that is unlike any other experienced by the U.S. economy in the last 100 years.”

In response to the St. Louis Fed analysis, HuffPost senior reporter Zach Carter tweeted, “It remains simply incredible that Congress is not even in town during a crisis of this magnitude.”

“An astonishing, bipartisan failure of government,” Carter added.

As Common Dreams reported last Friday, 3.3 million people filed jobless claims two weeks ago, shattering the previous record of 695,000 set in 1982.

“I have been a labor economist for a very long time and I have never seen anything like this,” Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute wrote in a blog post last week. “Furthermore, this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

More than 40 economists surveyed by Bloomberg on Monday said they believe new Labor Department unemployment numbers set for release Thursday will be even higher.

Thomas Costerg, an economist at the investment firm Pictet Wealth Management, predicted that new jobless claims could be as high as 6.5 million while Goldman Sachs estimated 5.25 million.

New York magazine’s Eric Levitz wrote Monday that while the “St. Louis Fed’s projection is just a rough estimate… there’s reason to think its catastrophic prediction is in the right ballpark.”

“It’s hard not to suspect that most every part of our economic life is going to get worse before it gets better,” Levitz added.

Source: Fed Economists Warn US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%—During Great Depression It Peaked at 25% | Common Dreams News

The Pandemic Caused by Privilege and Capitalism. Part 3 — GENERAL STRIKE

The Pandemic Caused by Privilege and Capitalism. Part 3 — GENERAL STRIKE

Joesph Feuerstein

Joesph Feuerstein

Mar 25 · 18 min read

*Opinion/Opt Ed*

I AM CALLING FOR A GENERAL STRIKE(Definition here) and I will now explain why.For once in your life, you can save the world by staying on your couch Netflix/gaming/ etc. Try to not fuck it all up. We need A living wage and Medicare for all In these times for all workers Most of all we need to save lives so #occupyacouch .#solidarity only together can we handle what is ahead.

The individual’s rights are only as strong as the collective will, Just as the collectives rights is only as strong as the individuals will.#OccupyACouch As of now, there are a total of 438,749 “confirmed” cases World Wide. In the USA according to the White House Task Force, there are OVER 55,243 COVID-19 CASES WITHIN U.S.virus cases, with 802 “confirmed” dead in the United States as of today. As I said before there are 7.7 Billion People in the world. if everyone got the virus, at a 1% death rate we are looking at 77,000,000. The World Health Organization just said we are the Epicenters of the Corvid19 (cnn video)


I was raised to always “have an open mind” and “do not judge a book by its cover,” I am not religious but I am spiritual, I believe in a creator and creator of creators. But in the end, I rather believe in me and you, I believe in peace and kindness. I struggle with my faith But I will never struggle in my belief of love/kindness and what it can do for others. For we would not be here if it was not for the kind acts of another. The Children of Tomorrow Will Always Remember your actions of today no matter the present. You are what you perceived as to be perceived in lifes masquerade ball. Right now the “The Emperor’s New Clothes” should be a best seller. the leaders make minor changes to protect themselves and their own aka the Privileged and Capitalistic crums for the rest.

GENERAL STRIKE I say, for all Non-essential workers till the science, prevails a vaccine (4–18 months), For the Safety all, if there was ever a time TO do a General Strike for the betterment of all now would be the time. ONLY “essential” jobs should be permitted(Hospitals, Childcare, dentists, Shipping and receiving, Construction, grocery stores, tobacco, hardware, pharmacies, gas stations, Waste Management, Vehicle repair, Pet Stores, Police Dept, Fire Dept, House of Correction Maybe continue to take out at Restaurants, If liqueur stores and then also state marijuana dispensary open, both recreational and medical, and any other jobs working-class essential jobs may have missed) remain open for the greater good. Schools should remain closed for the rest of the year. More Local Health codes Inspections and Osha Inspections paired with medical personal should make random drop-by visits and tests, monthly randomly. All Essential travel for the public to those locations should be permitted, along with to their family, and friends only who understand social distancing. Public transportation should be restricted to certain hours. The elderly and those with immune deficiencies should be isolated for health-related reasons, except out of emergencies/hospice but have contact with the outside world through technology communication provided by the state or federal government so that way doesn’t die alone. If there was ever a time to stop working, and by doing so save the world from the couch and comfort of your home, now is the time, seize it, don’t fuck it up. In turn, save a life, and stop the spread of this Corvid-19 by all of doing so it could end up saving yours and those that you love. It is negligent for any governing body or company to encourage their workforce to continue, it is class base genocide. Not just through pending Economic means because of the recession we are in, but Health means from the lack of ventilators and who will be able to afford a 50k ventilator when they run out of them? Let the entitled, privileged elite Eat the metaphorical cake of debt for the failure of leadership this time let them bend the knee to the people again..

During this time All Sanitation Service Nationwide should come with hazard pay, benefits, and a living wage guaranteed by the federal government, whether private or public you’re risking your life. my gf cleans warehouses, houses to get buy and her 6 yr old daughter has a compromised immune system (higher death rate) because of her diabetes type 1. Every day she and others like her, risk their lives cleaning so others don’t get sick. We owe them a debt. We owe all those Essential workers making that sacrifice a debt. Hazard pay, a rise (A living wage), Benefits (medicare for all), and (maybe tuition-free college) more social programs will be the only way we pay them and the children of tomorrow back?

Trended yesterday, they took it down before it caught on..

“The rich man is always sold to the institution which makes him rich.”
― Henry David Thoreau,

If your job is considered “#essential” during this pandemic and you must work, firstly thank you for what you’re doing, also I believe then your position deserves a living wage/raise and health benefits along with hazard pay. If corporate says no, then unionize, or strike. Strike for your mother, Strike for your father, Strike for your Grandparents and Children. Strike to save lives of those you know and those you don’t, for your neighbor, and the safety of this country GENERAL STRIKE and #occupythecouch. Its time to reflect and revaluate what is important to consider what we value, and what is value, and our own value. Each Perspective petal of infinite colors, to the flower that endlessly wilts and blooms.

The working poor and the middle class are in this mess together; it doesn’t matter what political affiliation And we’ll pick it up together. For the wealthy, entitled, and privileged coffers. Can you get a test? can you get the medication to fight this? do you have enough money to cover the cost cuz sure as shit the wealthy, the entitled, the privileged, the (insert party) politicians, corporations can, and they can’t wait to pick at you like a vulture after a kill with taxes and inflation? Do what you can now to help your State, County, Town, and community and help those in need. I say stand together, they want to divide narratives/ideologies for greater control of the people till they are isolated in their anxious echo chamber of thoughts, forget the binary perspectives for now. We face a defining moment and only together can we conquer such and those in power obviously care more about markets then lives. If you can’t find kindness be a kindness if you can’t find love, be love, and if you cant find peace, make and be peace, and most importantly always help those in need around you with logic, intelligence thoughtfulness, and empathy. As long as we stand together collectively with logic and love there is hope, call it a fools hope.

Firstly President Donald J Trump says he wants the country ‘opened up and just raring to go by Easter,’ despite health experts’ warnings during this outbreak according to CNN (article) aka its dangerous you face planting into a bag of Cheetos like Scarface Al Pacino style fool. Right now Local EMS are Struggling for example — Lee County EMS officials continue to search for ways to stay afloat after receiving news the agency could soon face bankruptcy. The county recently approved $36,000 to fund the private service for the rest of the month but that’s it (article). More then likely that is the same in other areas of the country. According to the Independent Bill Gates says businesses should stay closed during coronavirus pandemic: ‘The US has passed the opportunity to control this(Article) In Regards to Politics, The stimulus deal reached in the Senate includes Items — $200b for hospitals — $150b for state + local govs — 4 mos expanded unemployment insurance, incl gig workers & others — $377b for small biz loans w/ forgiveness eligibility — $30b in emergency education funding far less financial assistance for states Election Security to prepare for 2020 elections amid the risk of disruption by the pandemic. What was taken off the table for this bill was offering all voters mail-in ballots and, if an election is held during a national emergency, sending a mail-in ballot to every registered voter (article) unemployment insurance benefits has expanded eligibility and offering workers an additional $600 a week for four months, on top of what state unemployment programs pay. Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past few weeks, flooding a system that isn’t designed to cope with a sudden wave of applicants and has shut down in some states. Older people would rather die than let Covid-19 harm US economy — Texas official, basically a narrative of suicide for the greatest generation all for a broken market? shame(link).

There is always a war for your mind, your heart, and your wallet. Your Life, your Liberty, and your Property. In a consumer nation, the altar of worship is things. And you are but a tool to a machine that values no life. Perhaps the Stoicism of the culture and greed of old money in the area that inhibits companies and governing body’s ability to grow through cultural expression. Maybe its because the narrative art and culture that was “anti-establishment”, “anti bubble gum”, “anti-baby birded bs narrative and norms.”My generation will understand this meaning, those at the top will always be “possers” aka fake, as Holden Caufield would say “phony” at heart with words not matching action aka word service, with a dash of wag the dog, disconnected from the struggle of the average person, therefore, unknowing of the dreams of peace, the dream of love, the pursuit of happiness, the yearning for a nonhostile, anxiety-free, zero fearing mongering and harassment, the yearning for a better job, a better standard of living, care, and pursuit of knowledge. Maybe it’s a generational thing, parents generation spiting the youth aka boomers and millennials. Maybe its greed. Maybe the Music was anti-establishment and self-reflective, rock lived on, past 1989. The music was too real, and that was the problem, the corporate machine couldn’t control the anti-establishment trend or be part of it without being called out for what they were, only posers to social trends, haves pretending they have not. Imposters to cultural relevance or impact and envious to both. Like i said before, Stoicism of the culture and greed of old money in the area inhibit expression. My gut tells me 80–90’s yuppies or maybe 60–70 traditionalists, with their traditional fears of the poor, with a sweater over shoulders. Part of me thinks its happening across the country for a reason, to better control the youth through their voice, is the arts(music, animation, film, etc). Expressionism has always been dangerous to the powerful. Whoever can control the questions and the flow/amounts of them can control the narrative of the answer. The individual’s rights are only as strong as the collective will, Just as the collectives rights is only as strong as the individuals will. People that labor must stand together, for the value and pay for all, profits right now are the unpaid wages of the worker.

This is why I believe in bottom-up #workplacedemocracy If a bottom-up Democracy(future E-Democracy my opinion)is good enough for a Governing Bodys, it is then good enough for its Companys’s workers also. May Day(International Workers’ Day) Should be Interesting this year. #Solidarity; People should always come before profit. short-term gains are not worth lives. Whatever happens, we all will be facing it together. Only the working poor and the middle class together as a collective can we overcome the challenges ahead and save lives so Strike Let this give us purpose to be kinder gentle logical but empathetic over apathetic. We are what we feel, don’t be afraid of being afraid, but don’t become that fear for we are together, and we are strong. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and to feel, the fear is natural, our leaders failed us in acting, this feeling is natural and this moment and feeling too shall pass, but how you act and what you do will be the footprint and will be burned not just the minds you love, but also into the pages of history, along with all the data collected.

In a finite resource-based society facing viruses, climate change, and economic uncertainty have a major impact should those companies/individuals/government that leave impacts from lack of oversight and safety standards/workers/human rights, should they then pay/work off a continuous cost/face punishment for their length/damaging negligence depending on the action politician, CEO, governing body? Furthermore Should a Person or a few people, Business, Religion, or Government own/control/profits/people/rights of the many? Or should those profits/natural resources/rights/etc belong to everyone equally in an egalitarian manner unowned or owned collectively? Greater men then have pondered and continue to ponder such.

I say people over profit, empathy over apathy, Knowlege, and fact over Ignorance and Fear-Mongering narratives General Strike for the Safety of all. I say this now to the privileged class, those with the illusion of power, and hubris of ego; If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you do a little you get a little. IF you do a lot you will get a lot. We the people are not fools. What of those who are less fortunate, the single parent, the homeless. Thanks to you we are now self domesticated and workshop boxes and things, and value nothing but nature and life, valuing opinions(emotional logic) over fact-based(mental) logic. You have Twisted the natural way of things. We were met to be caretakers, and from this point on you will reap the cullings avalanche of reality. I know the president is nothing but a mouthpiece for you set there to reassure with the illusion of words and act like the mayor from Jaws reassuring the general public that there are no sharks, or others could argue Like Jim Jones screaming subtly “die with Dignity” all for his ego for we know what he values, things and ego over people and lives. There are people considering Coffee Filters for Toilet paper. Be considerate. Take only what you need, and help those that cannot help themselves. If you cannot find kindness, be kindness. There must Be Senior Only Times Essential Business

But According to some big Banking Financial Institutions those that are Privileged, Capitalistic worship, that the worst (financial projections) will happen in the second quarter of the business cycle April 1st through June 30th That’s when we’ll see the peak of this virus…I’m just saying that because I’m going with the financial institutions and their projection rates and not this Broken Administration because I feel that a bank, the people that maintain value, projections and forecasts, are more then what some countries and companies have. hopefully, I’m wrong in my speculation, (Article Here). I’m sure some Economics Historians are having Flashback to The Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic (don’t know what that is, click here)Greed out of Fear or Gluttony. Equal knowledge is an equal opportunity. Freedom and liberty is determined by your wallet size sadly and the lawyers you can buy, and how loud your cash is, can determine the freedom of others, for the greedy idealists. We do have OppertunityThere are only 2 classes “have” and “have nots”. To impose is to court Tyranny, Liberty is a choice.

As i said before One has to wonder if the stimulus packages would be better served to be Medicare for all American Healthcare Systems would insulate and be an improvement over the current affair during a Pandemic. Expansion and creation of new social programs like higher education and medicare for all will provide a safeguard for those weaker economic country’s in regards to restructuring its economy would speed up the cost and length of self-repair to its economic system. Social programs that provide food, healthcare, and education to allow it to rebuild the workforce. This is not counting for possible climate change effects creating massive migration(lack of habitable environments and the coastline pushing further because of the poles melting causing a lot of coastal species to die) human climate refugees and diseases(melting permafrost now 28 new viruses (link)along with diseases ticks, parasites, and mosquitoes breeding more because of hotter climates (link).

Act like you deserve to be here, One universal truth is we all love, so be it through your actions and words. Furthermore, why not invest in the children of tomorrow by Expanding and creating more social programs will only grow with the growth of current technology and its impact on the workforce, Income Inequality platform and those that stand behind it will also grow with it. Automation plus capitalism will only lead to a darker employment future. Industry Experts have spoken at this to length saying that 25–40% of the workforce will be replaced by automation and AI within the next 5–15 yrs world wide. Here are three links to further my argument HereHere and Here. Perhaps self-replicating 3d printers(3d print every part of a pre-existing printer only raw material needed) that can print hospital equipment could save lives here and prevent the spread. Those in positions of Economic Power will accept this innovation because it doesn’t sleep, eat, get sick, take holidays off, it will cut costs and promote growth, meaning the rich will get richer. Those with enough capital to buy these machines, or will supply each person with an AI assistant for better efficiency from lawyers (AI listen to cases finds relating case arguments) to retail (insert efficiency, etc) etc job, they will only grow faster small business and the worker will not be able to compete. Those at the top will not weigh the costs to society nor to their humanity. For they value things, and when the value of things outweighs the value of people you lose the value of everything. With up to 40% of the working population jobs becoming obsolete, major changes will be needed and the only way to counter it is with job creation from innovation and society or nation will yield more with reeducation(free technical and college education).

Who will profit from this tragedy other than the Pharmaceutical Companys, Corporate Hospitals, Health Insurence companies, news outlets who get ad money per click of fear, will their profits go finding a vaccine? Who is going to be able to afford/receive those tests/vaccines first other than federal workers and government officials along with their friends? There are questions then answers and those with the answers seem to dodge, fudge, and avoid the questions or put out incongruent paralleling data. According to the Washington Post the President has told 16,241 false or misleading claims. FACT

“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government.”
― Henry David Thorea

I fear some of us will live to see the trauma and horror in our grandchildren’s eyes and the fear, anger, sadness’s that we can not imagine emotionally at all because of our collective inaction.

As time has gone on the more careless, regarding to the value of our labor, our morals, principles, dignity’ for all have been exploited, dehumanized, overworked to the point of exhaustion to not collectively paying attention or pursue truth, instead we are accepting half-truths which are full lies, and tolerating opinions are more important then facts by baby birded generational systems narrative of fear and control out greed/ego. Both are chains, a slow poison for them want to divide and conquer by feeding fear, ego, vanity, insecurity, for it is easier to control by consistently by masking all of this as normal and ok.

Why do I say that? well, right now we only value, insulated, and protect a system that values things. A system where the value of the things outweigh the value of life and the labors of the living(reinforced by collective belief/desperation or inaction) Right now we are on the edge of losing the value of everything. Right now the individual’s greed(ego/fear) is worth more than the collective’s values and values; labor, or natural cycles of this one planet that sustain us, and our inaction has led to complacency, and complacency has led to tolerance of what is in my view a collective assisted suicide a reaction from ignorant inaction. society’s economic structure is based on the nativity of the instant; fear-mongering vanity and gluttony. But now we MUST be patient no longer in tolerating these behaviors or feeding it with inaction. Forgive me for I am tired, tired of collective systematic lie we believe, that another way is not possible. That we can not rise to meet the tides of change and progress together, overcome our difference Because I believe we can together in #solidarity, Protest Peacefully through your wallets and labor. Strike for better standards and the safety of all.

“Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.”
― Henry David Thoreau,

Question Time- Will the Pollin of the spring Making this worse for people with Allergies? What will Grocers do for People Facing Deadly Food Allegerys? Why aren’t their Hazard pay/health benefits for many in Sanitation? What is being done to help the Homeless, the downtraut and forgotten? Why is Debt never canceled and only loans are always given to small businesses during recent times of economic crisis? With the stay at home ban going on, do you think there will be a baby boom in 9 months? Could the Stimulus’s been better served to by College Debt, Protections for Corporate Apartment Tenants from eviction and landlords who might get hit with foreclosure? Medicare for all and Tuition-free College instead of bailing out Wall st again, Hotel Industry’s, Cruise, Insert Hospitality? Will you shop at “non-essential” retail places that stayed open this risking the public and risked their workers let alone without hazard pay, a living wage, and health benefits? Do you think the powers that be, want us to be more empathetic or, apathetic? Lastly, Truth is like Poetry no one likes to hear it, yep, a Poetic posed Question.

Why in Markets
is it Always,
Have and Have nots.

Why in Famine
is it Always,
Poor Eat Poor

Why in War,
Is it Always,
Poor vs Poor.

Why in Dreams
is it always,
Poor Vs Rich.

Let us all Occupy the Couch. Save a Life. #GeneralStrike Still he Privileged incompetent cannot come out and say hey sorry I’m incompetent so they conspire to cover up their incompetence, with excuses, and too little to late action. SO wash your hands, social distance(6 feet apart), don’t go to nursing homes, stay away from hospitals, stay away from people who have immune issues like cancer diabetes HIV, etc patients.. If you’re over 60 don’t fly. Try to do your shopping early morning or right before closing where there’s the least amount of people. Use the pharmacy drive-thru. Wash your hands before and after you smoke, eat, use the toilet, hell after you touch anything, etc. Picture it like a snowstorm. But it’s worldwide and we are 12- 18 months before we have a shovel aka vaccine according to a recent USA Today Article. They haven’t even released accurate numbers because there isn’t enough tests to give it So nobody knows how many people are infected there’s no official count because not everybody’s been screened. if we have only 100k tests. for the United State a country with a population of 300- 400 million.. But no way to test the sick. they will never be an accurate count because we weren’t prepared, not enough tests, and not enough time to backtrace to stop the spread that’s the Bottom line correct? maybe the people in power weren’t ready or didn’t care. They had the privilege to be apathetic. Based on the current recent actions, it seems they cared more about markets than they did about lives.

After everything is read I pose my question again to you my reader, “Could an argument be made, that the rich, who dress nicely, who can afford to travel, entitled and privileged that spread/create it? Was the spread of this Pandemic Caused by Privilege and Capitalism?

Please pay attention to the CDC and WHO for clear absolute facts on how to stay healthy, and what to do, the information they have could save your life and the life others for knowledge is power, and it can save lives. Stay safe out their, please.



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