Friends of Ⓐctivate Media

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This page is being redeveloped to reflect our deep gratitude for all that have helped Activate Media in one way or another. This will be a place where we are able to acknowledge the heroes that allow us the ability to grow as an organization and expand our collective voice! 


Michael Kissinger Steve Revilak Mr. Murphy Anonymous
Anonymous Julie Diana John Lippitt Allen B Riddell
 James Recht  Kevin Hester  Marilyn Frankenstein  David Concepcion
 Peggy Jean Greenough  John Berg  Mike Ferrigan  Joe Kebartas
David Knuttunen  Montana Crone    


Past Volunteers


David Concepcion Andrea Romig Sarah Francis Bob Funke
Josh Sager David Knuttunen Gregg Housh Lee Nelson
Paul Malachi Ray Soulard Frank Capone Josh ‘chance’ Scafidi
Charlie Welch Linda Pinkow Greta Camuso Juan Silvignoli
 Nancy Hammond  Mike Rushton  Lisa Hayes  


Past Contributors


encuentro 5 Open Media Boston Lucia Fiero Tecs-Change
Sarah Francis David Knuttunen Bob Funke Juan Silvignoli
 Lowell Makes