New Radio Shows

Want to Host your own online Radio Show? If you’ve dreamt about hosting your own Radio Show, Right Now is the time to turn your dream into Reality! You CAN change the World! You are the Change you’ve been waiting for! 

Here you will find the basic information on starting a new radio show on Activate Radio. There is no way that we could really answer all questions in this spot, but this should give a pretty good idea how we work. If you would like to broadcast your show on Activate Radio, please get in touch with us directly.


  • 1hr. Pre-recorded show transferred via google on mp3 format
  • Pre Recorded show sent a day in advance of airing.
  • 1 hr. Show = 56 min.
  • Show may get own sponsors.
  • Listing on Show Schedule with link

What you’ll need

  • A computer
  • small mixing board.
  • Microphone
  • headphones.
  • An internet connection.
  • Ability to use free software like Audacity.


How do I create a new radio show?

Before you do anything else, listen to existing shows that are similar to what you have in mind. Take note of what topics are most interesting to you, as well as the topics that generate callers. Also take note of boring things that slow a show down. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid these practices. Ask your friends what they like and dislike, or even better, ask people who represent your potential audience. They may confirm your ideas, or give you new ones.

Then make a schedule, which should include a list of topics you’ll want to cover or people you want to interview. Make sure you have enough for at least your first two weeks since you’ll be building an audience! Sometimes you may even want to have friends call in to ask questions. This tactic makes potential callers more comfortable about chiming in.

How should I structure my radio show?

Listeners like predictability, and predictability comes from structure. This means have a clear, signature open, an obvious close, and if you have them, breaks at the same time for each show. We also recommend you divide your show into segments. This lets you handle a variety of different topics, and assures the listeners that they will hear about these same topics every day or every week. Remember, predictability is key if you want people to remember when and why to tune in.


Should I have a co-host?

Having a co-host is a great idea. A co-host can provide a different point of view, or even a completely opposite one.  Just make sure your co-host is someone you respect, and whom you’re happy to disagree with. A co-host can also take over when you get sick, or go on vacation. In other words, two talking heads are better than one.