Theology in Action

David Concepcion – Host

Although the radio thing i10262169_10204286735268441_4010480936283792606_ns new to him, David Concepcion has been writing for most of his life. While primarily a screenwriter, he is also an essayist, poet, short storyteller, and blogger. David received a BA in film production from Hunter College and an MS in screenwriting from Boston University. He has taught college and adult education writing classes in the Boston area since 1999. He wrote and directed the web series “Calling Home” and is seeking buyers for his six full-length screenplays. Though he has lived in Boston, MA since 1995, he still considers himself a native New Yorker and a Yankees fan. “Theology In Action” has been on the air for three non-consecutive years and is providing a good forum to talk about things political, spiritual and activist.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”
—Henry Ford



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