MBTA Blue Line Free for Summer as Sumner Tunnel Closes

MBTA Blue Line Free for Summer as Sumner Tunnel Closes

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) announced that the Blue Line will be free to ride from July 5th through August 31st. The move is part of a plan to mitigate the impact of the Sumner Tunnel being closed to automobile traffic for repairs.

The Sumner Tunnel, which runs beneath Boston Harbor and connects downtown Boston with East Boston, will be closed to automobile traffic from July 5th through August 31st. The closure is expected to cause significant delays for drivers.

To help mitigate the impact of the closure, the MBTA is offering free rides on the Blue Line from July 5th through August 31st. The gates will be open at all stations.

The MBTA is also planning to increase service on the Blue Line during the closure. The agency is adding more trains and running them more frequently.

The MBTA is urging riders to plan ahead and allow extra time for their commutes during the closure. Riders can also get real-time updates on service changes by following the MBTA on Twitter or by checking the MBTA website.

In addition to the free rides, the MBTA is also offering a number of other services to help commuters during the Sumner Tunnel closure. These services include:

  • East Boston Ferry: The East Boston Ferry will be free during the closure of the Sumner Tunnel.
  • Tolls: Reduced Tolls for the Tobin Bridge and Ted Williams Tunnel for “those registered in the Resident Discount Program”.
  • Parking: MBTA parking lots and garages on the Blue Line will be reduced to $2 a day
  • Bike Sharing: The MBTA is offering free bike sharing passes to Blue Line riders. The passes can be used to rent bikes from any of the MBTA’s bike sharing stations.
  • Commuter Rail: Fares from Salem and Swampscott on the Commuter Rail will be $2 to $2.40; free parking will be offered at lots north of Salem, including Beverly, Gloucester, Hamilton/Wenham, Newburyport, North Beverly, Monserrat, Rowley, and West Gloucester.

The MBTA is also working with businesses in East Boston to make sure that they are prepared for the Sumner Tunnel closure. The agency is providing businesses with information about the closure and is working with them to develop contingency plans.

The Sumner Tunnel closure is a major inconvenience for drivers and businesses in East Boston. However, the MBTA is taking a number of steps to mitigate the impact of the closure. The free rides, increased service, and other services hopefully help make the closure less disruptive.

Activate News June 8th, 2023 Snowden, Robertson, TransphobicViolence, RIWeed

Activate News June 8th, 2023 Snowden, Robertson, TransphobicViolence, RIWeed

Activate News for Wednesday, June 8th, 2023

Activate News is your independent source for news, free from the influence of corporations. We’re an all-volunteer radio station that originated at Occupy Boston, and we’re committed to bringing you the news that matters.

Here are some of the stories we’re covering today:

  • 10 Years After Snowden, Privacy Still at Risk
  • Pat Robertson, televangelist, dies at 93
  • Violence at Glendale School Board Meeting
  • Rhode Island marijuana cultivators face oversupply, layoffs as state delays retail rollout.

Tune in at the top of the hour on Activate Radio to hear the latest from Activate News. You can find us online at activateradio.org.

We hope you’ll join us!


The Jungle Community Music Club Somerville

Event by The Jungle Community Music Club

The Jungle Community Music Club Somerville

Event by The Jungle Community Music Club

Faces Brewing Co. Malden

Event by Faces Brewing Co.

3 Harvard Ave,Allston,02134,US Allston

FRI, JUN 9 – JUN 11
Saint Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church Arlington

Event by Arlington Greek Festival – June 9, 10 & 11

Faces Brewing Co. Malden

Event by Faces Brewing Co.

The Jungle Community Music Club Somerville

Event by The Jungle Community Music Club

3 Harvard Ave,Allston,02134,US Allston

Midway Cafe Jamaica Plain

Event by Midway Cafe

Tonight on Activate Radio: Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Tonight on Activate Radio: Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Thursday Night on Activate Radio

Activate Radio is a community radio station that broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, interviews, and commentary. The station’s news coverage is independent and progressive. The station’s commentary is thought-provoking and challenging. Join Us Tonight!

Tonight on Activate Radio

6 Democracy Now
7 Economic Update
8 Final Straw Radio
9 Earth Riot Radio


6PM Democracy Now

Democracy Now is an independent, global news hour that broadcasts daily on affiliates. The show is hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan González, and it features a mix of news, interviews, and commentary. Tonight’s show:

“Airpocalypse”: David Wallace-Wells on Red Skies, Raging Wildfires & Pollution Link to Climate Crisis

Record-breaking Canadian wildfires continue to fill skies across much of North America with smoke, putting about 100 million people under air quality alerts. New York City recorded the worst air quality of any major city in the world as a result of the haze. Around the world, air pollution is already responsible for as many as 10 million deaths per year, and the problem is likely to get worse, says New York Times opinion writer David Wallace-Wells. He explains how today’s smoky skies are a glimpse of our future in the climate crisis, when warmer temperatures and dry conditions will continue to increase the size and severity of wildfires across the globe.

7PM Economic Update

Economic Update is a weekly radio program hosted by economist Richard Wolff. He takes complex economic issues and makes them understandable, empowering listeners with information to analyze not only their own financial situation, but the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life – wages, jobs, taxes, debts, interest rates, prices, and profits – the program explores alternative ways to organize markets, and government policies. Tonight’s show:

Germany, US, China: a Stressed Global Economy

This week’s updates focus on the German recession, deadly drug wholesalers, and immigrants in the US labor force, as well as oil and gas profiteers.  In the latter half of the show the economic facts on China’s economic reality will be discussed and the origin and source of profits in Marxian economic theory will be detailed.

8PM Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw Radio is a weekly, english-language anarchist radio show founded in Asheville, NC.  We strive to cover current and enduring topics by going to the source and speaking to the people involved and effected by struggles around them, with an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist perspective.  Tonight’s show:

Mid MO Trans Folks on Living Under Emergency

In this discussion, we talk with two trans organizers in Missouri about the recently withdrawn emergency rule made by the state Attorney General Andrew Bailey. At the time, the emergency rule, which was one of the most far reaching bans on trans access to affirming medical care, had been stayed by the courts and was awaiting further hearing.

The Attorney General withdrew the ruling, claiming that it was no longer needed because the Missouri legislature had passed two bills that removed access to trans care for youth. The situation on the ground in Missouri is still dire, but the particular extremity of the rule has at least temporarily been dodged. (Just after, Gov. DeSantis in Florida introduced a flurry of new anti-trans legislation as if to outstrip Missouri in hateful targeting). During this conversation, we discuss the specific details that made this rule significantly threatening, as well as the various reactions and organizing efforts that it provoked. Though the situation has changed in Missouri, the discussion still holds important insight for those of us committed to the struggle against the state’s gender fascism, since this is a coordinated effort by the Republican party across state lines to wield violent power against specific populations deemed disposable. I will also read a statement by the organizers written in the wake of the withdrawal of the rule.

9PM Earth Riot Radio

Earth Riot Radio is a weekly radio program that focuses on the intersection of environmental and social justice issues. The show is hosted by Reverend Billy, and it features a mix of news, interviews, and commentary. Tonight’s show :


History was made by men triumphing over nature. Now the Earth makes history.

Earth has the right approach to the 6th Extinction. Engaging the human predator with its ungodly violence; filling us with fear so that we need strongmen and cruel armies. But our weak violence only spins us out. The Earth’s power is greater by many orders of magnitude. How can we join up?


-Rev Billy, on behalf of Savitri D and the Stop Shopping Choir


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