Welcome to our Events Page

In this space you will find information on upcoming Activate Media Events, as well as events that Activate Media sponsors and from Allied Organizations. Please keep in mind that the events listed here may take place at different points on the globe.


The 2nd Annual Activist Ball

Coming this Fall! There isn’t a date yet, but planning has begun for the 2nd Annual Activist Ball. We are super anxious to share more information with you as it becomes available.


Operation Wakey Wakey ! 

Thursday, November 27th Early in the morning! 


Our Launch Party ! 


Activate Launch flyer



Our Launch Party took place on the First of November, 2014! We are so thankful to all that showed up, and took part in helping make it happen. Special Thanks go to Josh ‘Chance’ Scafidi, Juan Silvagnoli, Greta Camuso, David Concepcion, Joseph Antuan Castrodelrio, Andrea Romig, Kristina, Dan, Paul, Lucia, and e5.