Attn: Bands and Musical Artists – Get Your Music On Activate Radio!

By Patrick Wilson

Activate Radio plays music that is licensed Creative Commons and submitted music from indie artists in many genres. We are working to build an extensive library of music to share with the world. With the changes brought by the napsters and clearchannels of the world, and the narrowing of formats in terrestrial radio to christian, country and righty talk, it’s harder for fresh music to see the light of day than it was even ten years ago. 

In Boston, the closing of music venues and radio stations has undoubtedly made it a little harder for artists to promote themselves and get exposure beyond playing facebook’s advertising slot machine. There is a benefit in having multiple platforms in different mediums, even with duplicity within a market. There is a larger benefit to tying together multiple markets with the same message on multiple mediums.

The corporations own commercial media, but it is stifled by a business model that is too costly. Technology changes things. It allows the diverse and missing voices to be heard. Our society is capable of organizing activists throughout the world, why can’t it do the same for artists? Ultimately success has always been contingent on the work that you put in. Activate Media will not make you a star! Only you can do that. However, Activate Media will not charge you to play your music. We do not subscribe to pay to play philosophies. Activate Media is an all-volunteer organization.

If you would like to submit your music, you can send an email giving permission for Activate Media to play your music without penalty of licensing along with an attached mp3 of the song that you would like us to play. The music must be completely owned by you and original, we do not consider cover songs. We do not choose all music that is submitted and we do give preference to artists from the region.  If you would like to submit your music, please send it to activatesubmissions@g mail. c o m.