Ⓐctivate Radio T-Shirt Design Contest

Ⓐctivate Radio T-Shirt Design Contest


Recently we added a Merch Store to our Website to offer people an opportunity to be able to purchase T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Coffee Mugs etc.. At the moment, there are only a few items in the store. We will be adding a wider selection of items shortly. We’ve decided that a portion of the designs available in our Store should be crowdsourced. This allows us to help promote the career of an artist, as well as using art as a form of social justice.

Theme: Ending Racism. Why do we need a theme? Having a theme allows for long-term social impact in a particular area, and also serves to document

Deadline for Submissions: The deadline for submissions to be considered will be announced once we reach 10 sponsors !

Basic Rules: You must be over 18, be following Ⓐctivate in twitter and Facebook. One entry per participant. We take no responsibility for gifts or prizes implied or not. Rules subject to change especially if we’ve missed something obvious.  🙂 Artwork can be up to 11″x 11″, must be original and not break any copyright laws. All submissions must incorporate the Activate Radio Logo into the design. Images submitted must be in .jpg or png format, and have a clear background.

Prizes: Prize may be cash or gifts equivalent to $100.00. TBA. Winner will also get a Banner on our website for a period of 1 month. We will promote the T-Shirt as ‘designed by’.

Sponsorship: We need 10 Sponsors to be able to accomplish our goal. Each Sponsorship is $100.00, and includes your logo on the t-shirt with the other sponsors, a banner ad on our website for 1 month, and a t-shirt 🙂 For this promotion we have a limit of 20 sponsors.

Funding: Where does the money go? Right now we don’t have the expense of a studio or office space. Our costs are minimized as we are bootstrapping this project. If we meet our goal of 10 sponsors we will be able to fund our domain, and servers and be able to transition to the next promotion. If we are able to exceed our goal of 10 sponsors for this promotion, we may be able to purchase the equipment for people to produce shows remotely, or start to work toward funding a new studio opening the possibility for many new shows.

To Submit Entry: Send a cover letter along with your submission to this email address activatemedia01@gmail.com

Please make sure to put “Ⓐctivate Radio T-Shirt Design Contest Submission” in the email subject line.  Good Luck!

Winner Announcement: We will announce this date when we announce the deadline for submissions. !