Wave Of Action UK Show



Kiikii and Pea – Hosts


Kiikii and Pe10877912_10153001180836563_508980104_na are long term UK Activist and co founders of WaveOfActionUK.

WaveOfActionUk invite people with opinions across the political spectrum to unite and find common ground against corruption. to overcome divide and conquer propaganda by forming communities of support and compassion. Together we will fight for freedom and engage in a relentless campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience.




Tactics include
> Mass gatherings, demonstrations;
> Marches, parades;
> Flash mobs, swarms;
> Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations;
> Worker Strikes;
> Hunger strikes;
> Sit-ins;
> Strategic defaults, debt strikes;
> Foreclosure prevention;
> Boycotting corrupt corporations;
> Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market;
> Use alternative currencies and economic systems;
> Cancel your cable television and support independent media;
> Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info / protect privacy;
> Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations;
> Leak information on corruption;
> Use alternative energy;
> Build urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them;
> Support local businesses;
> Join local community organizations;
> Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems;
> Start or join intentional and autonomous communities;
> Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy;
> Host teach-ins;
> Organize socially conscious events;
> Make conscious media;
> Guerrilla postering, messages on money;
> Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message;
> Random acts of kindness and compassion;
> Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

WaveOfactionUk Believe it is time for us all to be the change we so desperately need in the world today