Watching The Fall of an Empire

The growing Vacuum in place of Truth Justice and the American Way.

By Patrick Wilson

As the fever of nationalism is spread across this country like a fascist plague with no cure, it’s hard to turn an eye from the bread and circus that awaits us with every news cycle. Trump, Republicans and their followers are justifying concentration camps that 7 children have died in that we know about. They are validating kidnapping and child abuse by referencing past events. On this day we celebrate the beginning of our nation, our Declaration of Independence. As we celebrate and give ourselves a big pat on the back, and indulge ourselves, human beings are suffering at our behest. They are suffering for hate, financial and political gain.

All our lives, we’ve been taught about all the wars that the country has fought and won in the name of spreading democracy and freeing oppressed peoples. What we are not readily taught is the systemic oppression of every non-white race within our borders, and the underlying greed and manipulation that benefitted the rich in every war fought.

While we are encouraged to worship this country and its leaders with a military parade, fireworks, family gatherings and barbeques, what will the children in the concentration camps be doing? Will they hear fireworks and celebrations of freedom?

Truth, Justice and the American Way. The United States in a contradiction. People will protest in Washington DC, but how many of us take comfort in that. Is it ok for the abuse of children to go on as long as there is some sort of representation of opposing thought? If we are the great liberators of western Europe, why are we so complacently absent in freeing the children from the concentration camps today?  

The World is watching. Happy 4th.