VETERANS FOR PEACE SHOW Sunday, June 6th, 2021.


Host – Joe Kebartas

The Veterans For Peace Show has been broadcast every week since Occupy Boston’s encampment in Dewey Square. Joe adds his slapstick humor to lighten some very serious subjects. It was originally hosted by our dear friend Bob Funke, who now broadcasts a show at WBZ here in Boston.

This week Joe talks about local events, the need to ‘end all wars’. Mai Tam House of Hope(vietnam) – “The Mai Tam House of Hope is a home and center for HIV/AIDS positive children, widows,and mothers, that provides shelter, medicine, medical care, education, and referrals for its residents and the many walk-ins it receives in need of support. The children living at Mai Tam are both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS–some are HIV positive or have AIDS and some are the children or orphans of persons with HIV/AIDS. “. 

The Veterans For Peace Show is on Activate Radio at 10 AM ET Every Sunday Morning!