Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain: Local Business/ Community Hero



Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain: Local Business / Community Hero

by; Patrick Wilson


A short while back feeling the dismal effects of the atrocity being passed off as an election, I was searching for something good to say. Nothing great to report on locally as the Marty Walsh regime has made decisions that make the poor poorer and even push them out of Boston.

So I took to social media and posed the question: What businesses, Restaurants, Retailers do you know of in the Boston area that are are socially conscious? Overwhelmingly in the places it was posted, the answer was Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain. According to Louis Edgardo Cotto ” Incredibly diverse staff, they celebrate the individuality of each employee. They have the community board where they highlight local non-profits monthly and are always donating to good organizations and events throughout JP. They truly rock all led by awesome sauce Korinn.”

I must confess, I haven’t been able to visit Ula Cafe yet, but can tell you a little bit about them. They are located at 384 Armory St. in Jamaica Plain, in the Brewery Complex (617)524-7890. Hours of operation are 7-7 weekdays and 8-7 weekends. They have a good assortment of classic pastries from their bakery, as well as breakfast and sandwich menus that feature items for both vegans and vegetarians!  From the photo’s I’ve seen, their food looks delicious. They also serve small batch beers and wines and have an enclosed patio to enjoy during the warmer months.  They display and promote the work of local artists, musicians, and have free wi-fi on site. Their website is http://ulacafe.com/

While we love living in a city with ever-expanding culinary delights, it’s exciting to find an establishment with a social conscience. We wish all businesses in the Boston area followed the examples set by Ula Cafe.Thank You for all that you do in and with the community!

photo:) from Ula Cafe website.