The Pandemic Caused by Privilege and Capitalism. Part 2

Joesph Feuerstein

Joesph Feuerstein

Mar 19 · 15 min read

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As of now, there are a total of 200,000 “confirmed” cases World Wide. In the USA according to the White house Task Force, there are OVER 9,400 COVID-19 CASES WITHIN U.S.virus cases, with 140 dead in the United States as of today. There are 7.7 Billion People in the world. if everyone got the virus, at a 1% death rate we are looking at 77,000,000.

New research examined exactly how long COVID-19 can survive on different surfaces. While the study has yet to be peer-reviewed, it’s still helpful information to consider when it comes to handling packages and materials. It’s important to note that while the virus CAN survive on various surfaces for a period of time, that doesn’t mean it always does. Even on surfaces where the virus survived for longer, its concentration was reduced over time. Researchers also noted that their tests were conducted at room temperature and on stable surfaces. So while the findings are still under review, they serve as a helpful reminder to disinfect surfaces often and keep washing your hands.

Question time. How Many Grocery Stores Are Sanitizing Shopping carts After each customer use it, or is it a free for all? How Many Gas Stations Sanitize the Pumps After Each use? How many people around the world are Anti Vaxers? Do they test all chefs who prepare food at restaurants? What about those retail workers who stock shelves? those working warehouses, and those working shipping/receiving, Insert job, etc? What about those at Homeless Shelters? DO you think there will be discrimination when hiring or finding a place to live because of the disease? Who Will be prioritized to receive a Ventilator, the rich or the poor or everyone equally who is sick? Should Janitorial workers and grocery/retail store clerks make more money Corporate right now? Are these financial businesses/ industries being helped by government based socialism? Are their enough tests yet reader I’m just asking for America, you know the poor huddling masses yearning to be free?

Imagine if people live-streamed their experiences at the grocery store to #helptheelderly#immunecompromised know if products are in or not, imagine if people did that for their #localareas.. how many lives could you save?

Whether you’re a Major Corporate Company (#retail,#grocerystore#Hospital#customerservice#fastfood) Government, or Individual, What you do, and what you say define you. How you protect your Employees and Customers. This is a Test of your Empathy or Apathy. Intelligence or Ignorance.The value of life vs things. Profits vs People.

In my opinion. Will definitely make me rethink where I spend my money/time, hit them where it hurts, their wallets. Bring awareness now, and #Protest if you choose after the curve drops/flatlines for everyone’s safety.. #labor Done with the #live………… videos (<-click the link to watch) for the day from Different local Grocery Markets and Big Chain Stores where my 60-year-old mother lives in Nashua NH ( Walgreen, Cvs, Walmart, Target, 2 of the same chain New England Grocery stores known as Market Baskets owned by “DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc” ). All I was trying to do was help those with immune problems and elderly know where to get goods What goods might be out at certain locations like #toiletpapers and things they might need because for them leaving their house is to risk their lives and if I can help those in my mother’s area in which she lives I figured why not. If you can’t find kindness, be kindness. if you can’t find love, be love.

As of right now, The DNC has called on states not stop Primary from happening according to The Hill article Could an argument will be made to hold the a rerun of Democratic Primary with the 2 remaining Candidates for all states that have already voted based on the Coronavirus? IF Trump Declares Martial Law for whatever reason and it lasts till November, Will Elections still be held in November? The United States Stock Market has erased all gains back to 2016 according to a Politico article. who knows what the Economic Taxpayer/Consumer long-term fallout will be, do you? Bank of America’s top U.S. economist on Thursday warned that the country is now in a recession in a note to investors, According to The Hill Article. Yesterday Unemployment Websites Are Crashing Across The Country according to an NPR article. Now their is a Business insider article stating “Google, Facebook, and other tech companies are reportedly in talks with the US government to use your location data to stop the coronavirus — and to see if social distancing is really working”

As Isaid before The virus doesnt care race religion or creed, it is worldwide now. It has to do with more with have and have nots now as much as it did then. Do you have enough money to travel, do you have a good enough job that you can afford to take time off when your sick, are you traveling for business or pleasure.. capitalism or capitalistic / privilege cause this to spread People didn’t heed health warnings or warnings weren’t properly given out possibly for capitalistic/national security reasons, one out of many because it would cause a panic on the market. Globalization (so-called free trade) caused this. Hopefully, we’ll realize the value of producing things ourselves. Profits over people sadly, but at the end of the day, some Governments are short-sighted enough care more about short term profits they do about the long term gains of its health of their citizens and the workforce they provide.

Healthcare as of right now is a Privilege in the United States, not a right. As of Now These states have closed down all restaurants and bars and have only take out available — California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon Pennsylvania, Rhode Island South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin. (link). Also many states are closing schools. Grocery Stores are limiting what you can buy and some Supermarkets are limiting the number of shoppers at one time. Delivery only mite soon follow according to this Washington Posts article. As of right now 2 people in congress have tested positive according to NBC. President Donald Trump Just signed a bill for over a trillion, the first of many, its called Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted 90–8 in favor of the “phase two” stimulus measure. Eight Republican senators opposed the measure. This is only the beginning of many possible stimulus to come. Trump also said that he is invoking the Defense Production Act. Canda and the United States have Shutdown all none Essential travel (Link). 7 Airport Employees Control Tower Employees in Chicago have tested positive (link). According to Mother Jones
Minnesota and Vermont Just Classified Grocery Clerks as Emergency Workers, should they not be paid the same? Should All states enact this? Further more Florida governor refuses to shut down beaches amid spread of coronavirus during Spring Break According to NBC article, sounds like the Privlege I was talking about, and the short term profit over the lives of others.

Tests are “free” but Private Corporate Hospitals, Health Insurers and, Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of business and vultures tend to circle no matter the suit of feathers. Hopefully, history remembers those who profit off this tragedy. How much will the average care cost? Also what are the long term health side effects, and if any how much will that care cost? How much will that 20% have to pay? When a governing body/Politicians are so desperate to give a 1000$ to every American, you got to ask yourself, how bad is this really going to be first? And secondly, am I being Bribed? will it make a difference? Will it cover the hospital bill of the working middle class the working poor class if they get the sick and it is serious for them or a loved one? Will 1000$ cover gas, rent, utilities, food, health/car insurance, daycare, medication, insert debt slavery loan. If I were to break it down into 3 categories housing, food, and transportation, it would be 4–5k a Month according to Business Insider in a study they took across 22 cities in 2019. Now eve of a pandemic It will also be one of the greatest workers schedule restructurings will occur of the next few months to account for those affected by the virus. If the virus is going to directly affect your life, it is most likely to be through stopping you from going to work putting more of a burden on the rest of the workforce, either because there is no school or they are sick and in turn Shifts will change, nonessential functions will be put off, and the department will have less flexibility to respond to problems affecting your workers wallet and inturn yours, cause quotas to not be met and supply chains to struggle, and at worst bankrupting your business that you are employed at causing you to be unemployed. What about single parents and those living paycheck to paycheck?

to Quote the Current Wikipedia page

“As of February 2020, federal debt held by the public is 17.23 trillion and intragovernmental holdings were $6.02 trillion, for a total national debt of $23.3 trillion.[5] At the end of 2018, debt held by the public was approximately 76.4% of GDP,[6][7] and approximately 29% of the debt held by the public was owned by foreigners.[8] The United States has the largest external debt in the world. In 2017, the US debt-to-GDP ratio was ranked 43rd highest out of 207 countries.[9] The Congressional Budget Office forecast in April 2018 that debt held by the public will rise to nearly 100% of GDP by 2028, perhaps higher if current policies are extended beyond their scheduled expiration date.[10]

Great Depression…

According to even the President of the United States Donald J. Trump, when asked NBC’s Peter Alexander “Do the well-connected go to the front of the line?” he said “Well, you have to ask them that question,” President Donald J. Trump then said. “I mean, I’ve read — .” But was cut of by Alexander “Should that happen?” Alexander asked. “No, I wouldn’t say so But perhaps that’s been the story of life…… That does happen on occasion …..and I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.” The New York Times Wrote a Interesting piece on this click here if you want to read it

President Donald Trump Just signed a bill for over a trillion, the first of many, its called Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted 90–8 in favor of the “phase two” stimulus measure. Eight Republican senators opposed the measure. This is only the beginning of many possible stimulus to come. Trump also said that he is invoking the Defense Production Act.

To quote him from a video from 2018, when he cut those in charge of Pandemic reponse President Donald J. Trump Siad ““some of the people we’ve cut they haven’t been used for many, many years and if we ever need them we can get them very quickly and rather then spending the money. I’m a business person, I don’t like having thousands of people around when you don’t need them.”

to Quote an NBC Article “Last month from the World Health Organization-China Joint Mission found that while 80 percent of people who got the coronavirus in China had only mild symptoms that could be treated at home, 20 percent got symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization. Of those, 13.8 percent had severe disease, including respiratory problems, and 6.1 percent had a critical illness, including respiratory failure.”

On top of that, the New York Times said “The coronavirus attacks people’s lungs, in some cases compromising their ability to breathe. Ventilators, which deliver air to the lungs through a tube placed in the windpipe, are a crucial tool to keep these patients alive. The computerized, bedside machines can cost as much as $50,000.

Hospitals in the United States have roughly 160,000 ventilators. There are a further 12,700 in the National Strategic Stockpile, a cache of medical supplies maintained by the federal government to respond to national emergencies.”

As of right now the United States Automakers GMC, FORD, and Fait Chrysler have shut down (link). Ford and General Motors has offered up its factories to make ventilators (link) with their being a shortage.

The Verge recently reported a few people in Italy are 3d Printing a life-saving device even though they could maybe possibly in the future face copyright blowback even though the copyright holder denied them the patient. “refused to release design files, forcing them to reverse-engineer the valve. “I talked to an operator who told me he couldn’t give me the files, but after that, we didn’t receive anything from the original company — so I can assure you we didn’t get any threat,” he said. “They said they couldn’t give us the file because it’s company property, but that’s all.” While earlier reporting said the original valve cost over $10,000, Fracassi also told Fast Company that this number was inaccurate.” Will other 3d Printer Hobbyist attempt to do the same here?

As I said before it’s those who can afford to be sick, Its the rich, the privileged, the entitled, those that dress nice, who can afford to travel, that spread/created the pandemic. Right now viruses tentacles has wrapped the world and It has nothing to do with race, religion, or creed, but income. It’s not the American or other countries’ middle class or working poor who’s debt slavery, and the cost of expenses to travel would exceed their monthly to yearly expenses for most incomes. . Exotic and distant faraway places, afforded by wealthy Traveller’s be it business or leisure these people exasperated the problem. That being said it is my opinion Corporations both national and global, and capitalistic interests national and global drove the pandemic to spread, and it will be, the elderly, those with immune issues, the uninsured, the middle class and working poor who will pay the ultimate bill. Those that Survive will have to pay the bill, to quote Christopher Bullock (1716)

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes,

To quote a Paper Recently Published by the London Imperial College by Dr Sabine L. van ElslandRyan O’Hare on their Projection model “In the current absence of vaccines and effective drug treatments, there are several public health measures countries can take to help slow the spread of the COVID-19. The team focused on the impact of five such measures, alone and in combination:

  • Home isolation of cases — whereby those with symptoms of the disease (cough and/or fever) remain at home for 7 days following the onset of symptoms

Modeling available data, the team found that depending on the intensity of the interventions, combinations would result in one of two scenarios.

In the first scenario, they show that interventions could slow down the spread of the infection but would not completely interrupt its spread. They found this would reduce the demand on the healthcare system while protecting those most at risk of severe disease. Such epidemics are predicted to peak over a three to the four-month period during the spring/summer.

In the second scenario, more intensive interventions could interrupt transmission and reduce case numbers to low levels. However, once these interventions are relaxed, case numbers are predicted to rise. This gives rise to lower case numbers, but the risk of a later epidemic in the winter months unless the interventions can be sustained.The report details that for the first scenario (slowing the spread), the optimal policy would combine home isolation of cases, home quarantine and social distancing of those over 70 years. This could reduce the peak healthcare demand by two-thirds and reduce deaths by half. However, the resulting epidemic would still likely result in an estimated 250,000 deaths and therefore overwhelm the health system (most notably intensive care units).

The world is facing the most serious public health crisis in generations.Prof. Neil FergusonDirector, J-IDEA

In the second scenario (suppressing the outbreak), the researchers show this is likely to require a combination of social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members (and possible school and university closure). The researchers explain that by closely monitoring disease trends it may be possible for these measures to be relaxed temporarily as things progress, but they will need to be rapidly re-introduced if/when case numbers rise. They add that the situation in China and South Korea in the coming weeks will help to inform this strategy further.”

As I said before are on the edge of having one of the greatest workforce restructuring Now with working/receive an education remotely becoming a standard thanks to the pandemic will the likelihood of an automated workplace/workforce also increase? What I’m trying to say is, will the pandemic increase the chances of that? Could warehouse Automation that could load content without the threat/help stem the disease, paired with Self-driving Transportation self-driving vehicles home delivering meds, foods, etc help the current and future situations? thanks to AI and Robotic Automation according to leaders in the technology field saying with 10 years 25% — 40% of the workforce being replaced by technology. It all begins by investing into the children of tomorrow by Expanding and creating more social programs will only grow with the growth of current technology and its impact on the workforce, Income Inequality platform and those that stand behind it will also grow with it. Automation plus capitalism will only lead to a darker employment future. Those in positions of Economic Power will accept this innovation because it doesn’t sleep, eat, get sick, take holidays off, it will cut costs and promote growth, meaning the rich will get richer. Those with enough capital to buy these machines, they will only grow faster small business and the worker will not be able to compete. Those at the top will not weigh the costs to society nor to their humanity. For they value things, and when the value of things outweighs the value of people you lose the value of everything.

I live in American, which means I am privileged with rights and freedoms and education and healthcare; to an extent, sadly depending where you on income class, religion, and color to different degrees. World wide though 80% don’t have internet, according to Gallup the Average income worldwide is 10k and really. Expansion and creation of new social programs like Tutition free higher education and Medicare for all will provide a safeguard for those weaker economic country’s in regards to restructuring its economy would speed up the cost and length of self-repair to its economic system. Social programs that provide food, healthcare, and education to allow it to rebuild the workforce. This is not counting for possible climate change effects creating massive migration(lack of habitable environments and the coastline pushing further because of the poles melting causing a lot of coastal species to die) human climate refugees and diseases(melting permafrost now 28 new viruses along with diseases ticks, parasites, and mosquitoes breeding Furthermore, who will profit from this tragedy other than the news outlets who get ad money per click of fear, will their profits go finding a vaccine? Who is going to be able to afford/receive those tests/vaccines first other than federal workers and government officials along with their friends? There are questions then answers and those with the answers seem to dodge, fudge, and avoid the questions or put out incongruent paralleling data. According to the Washington Post the President has told 16,241 false or misleading claims. Could a argument be made that through 5 degrees of seperation we all know someone who has passed? Should their be more apathy or empathy is up to each individual. In my opinion, if you can’t find kindness, be kindness, if you cant find love, be love. After all we all wouldn’t be here if it was not for the kindness of strangers in way or another.

As i said before The Privileged incompetent cannot come out and say hey sorry I’m incompetent so they conspire to cover up their incompetence, with excuses, and too little to late action. SO wash your hands, social distance, don’t go to nursing homes, stay away from hospitals, stay away from people who have immune issues like cancer diabetes HIV, etc patients.. if you’re over 60 don’t fly. Try to do your shopping early morning or right before closing where there’s the least amount of people. Use the pharmacy drive-thru. Wash your hands before and after you smoke, eat, use the toilet, hell after you touch anything, etc. Make sure if they say stay inside, and stay 6 feet apart, you do so. Picture it like a snowstorm. But it’s worldwide and we are 12- 18 months before we have a shovel aka vaccine according to a recent USA Today Article. After everything is read I pose my question again to you my reader, “Could an argument be made, that the rich, who dress nicely, who can afford to travel, entitled and privileged that spread/create it? Was the spread of this Pandemic Caused by Privilege and Capitalism Globalization and worker exploitation?

This article and it’s contents are republished with the permission of the writer.