TFSR Freeing Them All is in Part How We Free Ourselves (Matt Meyer on Kuwasi Balagoon) Thursday Night at 8PM ET on Activate Radio


This week we had the chance to interview Matt Meyer, who, among many
other pursuits, is a retired professor and an editor of A Soldiers
Story: Revolutionary Writings by a New Afrikan Anarchist, out from PM
Press, which highlights the life and writings of Kuwasi Balagoon.
Balagoon was a defendant in the Panther 21 case in the late 1960s, in
which 21 people were arrested and accused of planned coordinated bombing
and long-range rifle attacks on two police stations and an education
office in New York City. He was ultimately acquitted of this, but was
caught up on charges related to a robbery some time later and passed in
prison in 1986 from AIDS-related illness.

In this interview, Bursts and Matt discuss Balagoons life and writings
and why this book is especially relevant right now. Theyll talk about
his abiding love for his comrades, a things which seems to have driven
much of his politics, and his queerness, an aspect of his life which
seemed very important and also complex. Stay tuned to the end of the
conversation for questions submitted to The Final Straw by imprisoned
anarchist Michael Kimble, who has been a guest on this show and is an
admirer of Kuwasi. To see more of Michaels work and to write to him, you
can visit


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