Syndicated Pink GFloyd Radio Show Host Joins In COnversation With

Pink FLoyd Talks Jimi Hendrix For The Hour and Vice Versa

By Ed Wrobleski

This week on Talking Hendrix Special radio show host Craig Bailey of Floydian Slip, talks with Ed Wrobleski on friday night on from 7-8 p.m. eastern standard time.

A little bit about host Craig Bailey and this is directly from the Floydian Slip website.

Craig Bailey has worked on-the-air since 1985 and has produced and hosted “Floydian Slip” for nearly as long. With more than 1,100 episodes under his belt, he’s recognized as a de facto expert on Pink Floyd.
He and his show have received attention in — or acted as a resource for — media as diverse as Billboard, VH1, The Dallas Morning News, MacFormat, Yahoo! Music, Relix, and The Ottawa Citizen.
He was featured in “Pink Floyd: Album by Album” by Martin Popoff, published June 26, 2018. Six months prior, he was quoted in the book “Reinventing Pink Floyd: From Syd Barrett to The Dark Side of the Moon” by Bill Kopp. He also wrote the foreword to “Speak to Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon,” edited by Russell Reising and published in 2006.

In his time outside the studio, Craig’s a website developer, Apple fan, dog lover and part-time actor. A Vermont native, he’s lived in the Burlington, Vt., area since ’91. Craig has interviewed Nick Mason an original member of the floyd and also people who either still affiliated with projects of Pink Floyd or did work with them in some way shape or form like Michaël Boumendil, Pierre Dufour, Ron Geesin, Andy Jackson, Aubrey “Po” Powell, Gerald Scarfe, Storm Thorgerson, these are all people who are true Pink Gloyd fans will know for sure. For more information on where you can hear Craig and Floydian Slip go to the official Floydian Slip website: 

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