Straight Pride Parade

By Patrick Wilson

I condemn the sickness that allows opportunistic trolls to manifest and manipulate fear, bigotry, hate and homophobia. I condemn their preying upon the weak, the youth, the broken, the impoverished, the addicted and the vulnerable.

Those that lack a personality, a sense of identity or maybe have a personality disorder and aren’t able to get whatever it is they need in any other way are especially susceptible to the influence of those filled with hate from a previous generation. Money and reenforcement of despicable behavior, enabling the impressionable to become things they could never have before. With technology and anonymity, they are able to multiply quickly. It’s easier to do something stupid if you’re with a pack of idiots.

I’ve seen these people close-up, several generations of them now. Because my skin they’ve always tried to be chummy with me. They’ve all been feeble-minded, and a majority of them don’t fit into the tight perspective they themselves have of the world. Point out that Hitler got kicked out of art school, had one testicle and possibly had a Jewish father and they don’t know where their argument is supposed to go next, so they either start repeating themselves or quietly agree with you and leave.

The sad truth about this particular group and their ‘Straight Pride’ event, which unfortunately includes people I used to know, is that their goal is to become victims of some sort. This in some way validates them to their group of enablers. These people, in general, do not realize the damage they create until it’s too late. It’s usually after they’ve killed, raped, maimed and destroyed lives.

Far too many have lost their lives to this idiocy that is fueled by the rhetoric of a corrupt and racist president. To continue to capitulate on this issue enables it. The weed needs rooted out. There is no justice that can be had until we take back our destiny as people. This needs to happen in our house, our neighborhood and our community, for its safety and well being.

Until we stand up, we’ll be on our knees.