Stop The Insanity!


By: David Concepcion

Dear people of America,

Please for the love of God STOP!

A couple of weeks ago, an outside PAC group filed notice with the Federal Election Commission to fundraise, campaign and draft Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to run for president. A few days later, rapper Kid Rock announced he wants to run for the Michigan Senate seat. And this is well in the shadow of Kanye saying he wants to run for president. Enough! We already have a failed reality show celebrity running a failed presidency, the last thing we need is more celebrity leadership for this country!

I’m sure Dwayne Johnson is a genuinely nice and intelligent man, and is someone I would feel safe walking down a dark alley with, but with the damage that the current president has already cause six months on the job and three and a half more years on the horizon, we’ll need more than the People’s Elbow to fix all the carnage and our standing in the world. We need truly qualified and educated people who can not only run the day-to-day operations of the country, but can be diplomatic across numerous cultures and populations to maintain a stable geopolitical climate. I liked Johnson in his SNL appearances, but that’s not reason enough to give him the nuclear codes. Famous and likable doesn’t mean qualified and capable.

Believe me, I am not indifferent to the problems that has given ride to the idiocracy we find ourselves in. We’re so desperate for a stable life and a way out of our declining economy that we have voted the evil of two lessers for decades in hopes someone has an answer. And when the best that current politicians can say is “the other party is wrong,” we will look to anyone that makes sense to us; even if that means turning to con men and carnival barkers that play on our fears, or even likable celebrities who have saved the day in countless dramas. But that doesn’t solve the problems we have and often make it worse. (I know many people will point to Ronald Reagan as a good example of a celebrity turned politician, but I thought his policies were horrible to live through during and after his presidency. Just because it may have been good for people above a certain tax bracket doesn’t mean it was good for everyone).

We need leaders who can both listen to the people and plot a course through a tough political field; we DON’T need leaders who parrot back what they think we want to hear. There are leaders out there that we can do such work. They are community organizers, grassroots activists, and lower level political reps that tackle issues where they have direct impact. Take a look and listen, and you will find them. They are out there working where it counts for little or no money. These people aren’t famous, but they are right more often than not; at the very least they have good ideas.

What we don’t need are ego filled personalities with a large fan base but no skill for running a lemonade stand much less a country. We’re doing that now with disastrous results—and have been for some time.

So please stop trying to elect famous people to political office! It helps NOTHING! It’s a trend we need to end, NOT encourage.


Posted by permission. Original article posted at Theology in Action