Something to Think About



By, Hammond Nancy

For all those people who actually want Donald Trump to be our next President, I have something for you to think about. Imagine if you can, how a conversation between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea would play out? My guess is that for openers they would have a mutual appreciation for each other’s all so cool haircuts. Then “the Donald” would make a lot of small talk and blend in some “little-man” jokes; in order to jockey for control. But Kim Jong-Un would insist that the big guy sit down and mutter under his breath, “NOT IN MY HOUSE.” As an ice breaker, Trump would ask Kim Jong-Un what contractor he uses to build the walls in North Korea. Trump would bluster out brutishly, about his plan to build a Giant Trump wall on the border with Mexico; in order to keep out all of the criminals. Because neither one of them are very bright; Kim Jong-Un would respond while lighting a Cuban cigar. Hey, you know the Castro brothers? The conversation about nuclear weapons and enriched uranium wouldn’t come up, because of their incessant need for mutual validation and attention. Instead, each would tell long-tales about their fathers’ and privileged families. There would be out bursts of laughter about how “the people love me” and respond so well, to their authoritarian personalities; blah, blah, blah. The underlying humor is, whether what they say is true or not, the people will believe it! President Trump would puff out his chest and confess, that if he doesn’t like someone, he can just say “you’re fired.” However, Kim Jong-Un would trump that and gloat; to executing those folks for disloyalty ha,ha,ha. For a brief moment there would be an awkward lull, when suddenly Trump would ask Kim Jong-Un about North Korea’s human rights violations. Now there’s a diplomatic Segway. North Korea has a totalitarian dictatorship and don’t you want that President Trump? Huh. So, no worries because neither one of them cares much about “the little guy.” Am I right? Needless to say, there would be no progress made on their first and last meeting due to the two bomb-bass-tic personalities. As his campaign slogan claims, this maybe a taste on how President Trump would make America great again. A President Trump would present an American cake mixture made with disastrous ingredients. Something to think about before you go to vote.

photo credit: Wikimedia Photos

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