Second to last Episode of Theology in Action Sunday Morning 8 AM

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Join Us Tomorrow Morning, April 7th for the second to last episode of Theology in Action. David Concepcion, host of the show has also been producing the show since late 2011. David has covered many topics covering activism, politics, and social justice. He has covered both local and national activist marches and rallies. David has hosted multiple roundtable discussions with members of the community regarding major historical events like mass shootings, hate crimes, and terrorist acts. He has always created community discussion around important matters.

While there won’t be any new episodes of Theology in Action, David says he will continue writing in his blog as writing has always been his passion. We at Activate Media will miss Theology in Action, it is one of several original shows still in production since Occupy Boston Radio. David will always be a friend of Activate Media and is welcome in whatever capacity.

Join Us tomorrow morning 8 AM Sunday, April 7th and listen to the second to last Theology in Action Show. The last Theology in Action Show will Broadcast next Sunday morning the 14th.