Robert Somma of Fusion Magazine Comes To Visual RadioAlong with Steve Hunter Former Lou Reed Guitarist

By Ed Wrobleski

This week on non visual radio Joe Viglione will be talking with editor Robert Somma of the late 60s til 1974 Boston music Publication Fusion Magazine.

Fusion was an American music magazine that was based in Boston, Massachusetts and operated from 1967 to 1974. According to the music journalism archive Rock’s Backpages, it was an “influential” publication during that time.[1] It formed out of the teen-oriented publication New England Teen Scene and, along with Crawdaddy! and Rolling Stone, was one of the first US magazines to recognize and critique the increased sophistication of pop music from the mid 1960s onward.

The magazine’s editor was Robert Somma from 1970-1974 and published by Quality Stuff, Inc. According to the magazine’s advertising in July 1972, it was based at 909 Beacon Street in Boston.

Among the writers whose work appeared in Fusion are the following: Ben Edmonds, Lloyd Grossman, Lenny Kaye, Danny Goldberg, Nick Tosches, Keith Altham, Michael Lydon, Robert Greenfield, Charlie Gillett, Greg Shaw, Geoffrey Cannon, Jon Tiven, Al Aronowitz, Lester Bangs, Gene Sculatti, Ken Barnes, Metal Mike Saunders, Mitchell Cohen[1] and Keith Maillard. The magazine also published pieces by Barry Miles
and David Walley. The title Fusion is the name of the online arts magazine of Berklee College of Music, which is also based in Boston.

Joe’s second guest Steve Hunter has worked with many of acclaimed artists Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal Band, Alice Cooper, and that’s just to name a few. Steve will be talking with Joe about his current album, the Rock and Roll Animal Band Days and much much more.

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Source: Robert Somma of Fusion Magazine Comes To Visual Radio | Massapequa, NY Patch