Reverend Billy(OWS) on Activate Radio every Thursday Night! 

Reverend Billy, yes that Reverend Billy from Occupy Wall Street , has a radio show! 

Reverend Billy is a character developed in the 90’s by actor/playwright William Talen. Reverend Billy has been described as “more of a preacher with a gift for social prophecy than an actor.” by Reverend Sidney Lanier, cousin to Tennesee Williams and fmr. vicar to St. Clement’s an Episcopal Church in Hells Kitchen in the 60’s. 

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir have performed in numerous guerilla theater actions over decades now. From 1998 in front of the Disney store to recent actions this year, Reverend Billy has been dedicated to bringing a message to the people about the evils of consumerism and the racism of sweatshop labor, and the loss of neighborhood spirit in New York. 

Reverend Billy Radio airs on Thursday nights on Activate Radio at 9PM ET.  You can find Activate Radio at