‘No Coloreds Allowed’ signs could be on their way to Indiana

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Indianapolis, Indiana (TFC) – The state legislature passed a “Religious Freedom” bill, and Governor Mike Pence signed the bill into law. He is now backtracking and stating that he expects a clarification bill to be introduced this week. At least he is acknowledging that he signed an ill-conceived law. The massive boycott organized by LGBT activists probably had more to do with his change of heart than any sense of morality.

The law “Prohibits a governmental entity from substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion, even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.” In English, the bill basically allows businesses to discriminate against people if they have a strong religious objection to dealing with them.

So, we can easily expect the socially aware businesses fleeing Indiana to pass religious extremists of all sorts heading into the state on the highway. Members of the Christian Identity Movement have strong objections to dealing with blacks, Jews, gays, and just about everybody else. So, once they set up in Indiana, they can easily begin discriminatory practices under the protection of Indiana’s new law.

The Sharia Law that the right fears so much, will now be protected under Indiana’s ill-written law. This is the problem with governments attempting to cater to special interests by specifically targeting or protecting a group. The law will eventually be applied equally to all groups.

The argument has been made that activists across the state should stand down and cease to campaign against the law because it lowers governmental interference in the free market. And if the “no gays” and “no colored” signs emerge, it makes it easier for the businesses to be targeted by those that would organize a boycott.

Regardless of your opinion on this issue, it is probably best to immediately boycott any organization or company that has contributed to the campaigns of any politician that has supported the law.

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