MusicReview: Field Day – Go No Go

By: Guy Quixote


Field Day is a self-described indie-pop band from Boston, Massachusetts.

On first listen one gets a very clear late 90’s alt. Pop vibe from ‘Go No Go. Very reminiscent of many of the bands that got signed in Boston around 1998. Joan Anderman’s vocals remind me a bit of Juliana Hatfield. That said, there are other elements at play here, much like some Boston bands of the 90’s, I hear a Del Fuego’s influence both in structure, lyrics and vocals

The production of ‘Go No Go’ is great. It’s a collection of songs that center on flirtation, relationships and psychological self-reflection. nothing too deep. Is there a ‘Borderline’ connection that I’m picking up? Love the guitar tone, and the keyboards enhancement of the songs, well placed. This is great music to zone out on when driving a long distance. The songs do grow on you the more that you listen. The only thing I can say critically is that I wish this were a little more raw or edgy. Perhaps that can be had at a live show.
The highlight for me of this group of songs is probably ‘Finished with you’. I’d love to hear a punk version of this.

You can purchase their music here: Field Day – Go No Go


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