MusicReview: Angela Edge – Burning Paper

By: Guy Quixote

I’ve listened to this a couple times now. There are some pleasant dynamics on Burning Paper. The sonic turbulence on Bulldozer was unexpected. There are warm and resonant moments that made me think back to a Tori Amos show a bunch of years ago. At other points, I want to call this white suburban dystopian blues.

Angele Edge is from Arkansas and has been playing music since the age of 12, and attended the University of Arkansas on a music scholarship playing trumpet. She started playing bass at 14 and has played in a classic rock band as well as touring as part of a folk unit with Jori Costello, who also plays on ‘Burning Paper’.

My favorite selection on this release is ‘Bulldozer. I really like what was done with the bass and guitar on this, and there is a definitely a Nico thing happening with the vocals. I like the warmth of ‘fireless wings’, and can totally picture it being used in a video project. I really like ‘Plastic Boat’, it does remind me of Tori Amos though. ‘Dance with you’ makes me think of a conquistador slowly stalking their prey.

Interesting textures and eq’ing. All in all, I’d say there is much more here than folk. Give ‘Burning Paper a listen Here Angela Edge: Burning Paper.