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by: Kiikii Ann

Mainstream vs truth. How many times should we believe the lies of media corporations such as the BBC?

Over the years we have had contradiction after contradiction. We find cures they call lies, we find corruption, they twist it for the viewer. The control the media possess is absolutely gigantic, if 1000 regular joes posted articles about a 3 headed monster, no one would care, if the BBC released such article, it’s shocking how many would believe them. Here are some contradictions the media has caused controversy on. The demonising of medical cannabis, the cover up of corruption and outright lies that hold our populations under extreme brainwashing. 
Cancer treatments, the reason cannabis oil and other forms of natural treatment are not researched is because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SICK! It’s what they want, cancer is the most profitable organisation for big pharma, it would lose these corporations billions if we could suddenly eat and grow away the cancer they have given to us via junk food and water pollution. Here is how the media assist these sick corporations.

TRUTH: via alternative media 

Diet and selenium

LIES: via mainstream media

Child abuse.

For many years we have finally unsurfaced the extent of institutionalised child abuse within the media and political corporations. If it wasn’t for alternative media the BBC would have covered up the heinous crimes of jimmy saville forever. Not to mention the distasteful support for the McCann family and 1000s of historical and current abuse cover ups over the years. We know scape goats are used widely within mainstream media such as the hype they have caused by using Asian gangs as a way to remove blame from their own front door! Also you may like to know that children in need is one big lie! How many child abusers have formed from these sex traffickers? Child line, Jill dando! 

TRUTH: via alternative media

LIES: via mainstream media

Not just the war on drugs and the paedophile ring within the UK establishment, but also the war on terror, the mainstream media has spent a lot of effort turning the UK population into a right wing mentality! Race hate and class hate is one of the many areas the media are to blame, countless bullshit stories claiming Muslims hate dogs, sharia law, Asian gang rapes, stories detailing women stoned in middle eastern areas. The hate campaign has been relentless and if we break into a race war then most of that blame lays at the feet of mainstream media. 
The War on Middle East. Who are the terrorists?

his is some of many, the support the media offers Israel when it’s clear to see the war on Gaza is purely one of profit. That gaddafi died for a currency, sadam was part of one big lie, as Osama worked for the CIA! Same CIA that created Al-quieda and Isis! 

So how about we ask ourselves what kind of media we want? Do we want the kind that hides truth and tells us what they want us to hear of do we actually fight for alternative media, one that is fair and unbiased, one that doesn’t have sex with children then cover it up? You decide.  


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