Activate Media February 18

Introducing: Activate Nation!

By: Patrick Wilson

I’ll admit, the name sounds just as corny to me. I’m very open to a discussion revolving around a name for our membership! For now, let’s go with this as it’s simple. For a long time, I was undecided about how I wanted to look at a membership program at Activate Media. For the most part, those that use the term membership in conjunction with broadcasting think of tote bags and raising funds to meet budgetary needs. To me, it should mean much more. Belonging to a community is a big part of how I look at it. Hands on experience and the wisdom that comes with it are invaluable. 


In introducing this program we are including a volunteer membership and three levels that are financially based. Our support has always come directly from the public. Our gratitude is endless for that support. We are also now pursuing grants and underwriters. A grant schedule is being put together, and we are also rolling out an underwriting program, details available upon request. If a tote bag and a membership card are more your things, those can be had after a year of membership! We also anticipate many great items and services that can be had through our underwriters for our members.

We would also like to hear from you if as a member you would like to have a role in helping build a healthy community of members. Please send all inquiries to

If you’d like to become a member right now, you can go to our website and click the donate button and choose to give $5 or more on a monthly basis. Include your email address, and we’ll contact you for the rest. 🙂