Interfaith Voices: Sunday Mornings on Activate Radio

The Nations Leading Religion News Magazine

We are super excited to welcome a new show to Sunday mornings on Activate Radio! Interfaith Voices, the nations leading religion news magazine has been produced for nineteen years and is the nation’s only public radio show exclusively about religion. The show will be broadcast on Activate Radio on Sunday mornings at 8 am eastern. This is the time slot formerly held by Theology In Action, hosted by David Concepcion, one of the original shows from Occupy Boston Radio.

Interfaith Voices provides a weekly deep-dive into the beliefs and traditions across many religions with meaningful conversations exploring “how faith intersects with culture, public policy, and the news of the day. ” It is our understanding at Activate Media that Interfaith Voices is created and produced entirely by women.

“We were born just three days after 9/11, when a feisty nun got the idea to host a multi-faith panel on religion and terrorism, live on the radio. The phones rang off the hook, and it became clear that listeners were hungry for informed, respectful dialogue on religion in the public square. We carry on that mission today with our weekly show hosted by Amber Khan.”

Amber Khan, Host and Executive Producer

Amber Khan is the executive producer and host for Interfaith Voices, an award-winning public radio program that explores how beliefs intersect in public life and influence our interconnected world.

Amber credits her third grade Catholic school teacher for her interest in talking about religion and politics. When Ms. McWhinney asked her to talk about being Muslim, Amber was glad to share – until she was asked to explain the difference between Sunnis and Shia, and she could not answer. The resulting unsettling feeling sparked a curiosity and interest in the history of Islam and the diversity of religious practices.

Today, her reporting is informed by two decades of work as an field organizer, policy advocate and strategic communications advisor to public interest groups, private foundations and faith-based campaigns. In those roles, Amber has been a frequent featured speaker at national and global fora for policies and a commentator on a variety of issues including women’s rights, civil rights and the intersection of faith and politics. Now in the role of the interviewer, she enjoys engaging with academics, thought leaders, practitioners and observers of the trends shaping our world. Khan is graduate of Rhodes College and resides with her family in the Washington, DC suburbs.  – from Interfaith Voices Website.

Our goal in finding a program like this to broadcast on Sunday mornings was to be able to educate and open dialogue between people of diversified cultures. To bring people together based on root commonality, over their morning coffee or breakfast.