In Supporting Those That Support Us

While Activate Media has not done any fundraising for some time. We have survived and are growing as a result of keeping our cost at a minimum and support from community organizations and content creators. Without the content that we bring you, there really isn’t much here. We are always open to new content creators as they drive what we do. While we aren’t fundraising at the moment, we would like to ask you to support those that either directly or indirectly make what we do possible.  

Most of the shows on Activate Radio have their own websites and have either Patreon accounts attached or have another donate button. You can find links to their sites in the schedule on the Activate Radio page. 

There are several organizations that are essential to what we do. For example, our hosting is provided by LeftClick, that’s where the website you are on right now is located. Amy Goodman and Democracy Now have provided a news report Monday through Friday for almost 8 years. And Common Dreams has provided endless articles that we have republished with link and credit. Both Democracy Now and the Common Dreams content is used under a Creative Commons license. 

We’re not asking you to do anything crazy, just spread a little love and support for those that help us bring you all that we do. We’re all part of a growing community.