I’m Saying It



I’m Saying It
by, Nancy Hammond
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, no not HIM. I’m saying it, “I’M with HER.” Hillary Clinton: Our former Secretary of State, Senator from New York and, yes, First Lady in the White House. I am tired of my silence and feeling cautious or timid with the Bernie Sanders hold-outs. I’m not mentioning any names, David. It just seems to me that there has been a pile-on of haters if you are not still ALL Bernie. I get it. He is the anti-establishment super hero. There is also the fact that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination. Hello reality. It is time to get with it and get Hillary elected to be our next President of the United States. If Hillary Clinton had been a heavy weight boxer for all these years, she would hold the Championship title! Think about it, how many times has the Republican brass tried to knock her down? Has she made mistakes? Yes, certainly, without question. I too have been an eye-roller after her political blunders. With that said, Hillary Clinton has been a public official for many years and is still standing in the ring while being scrutinized endlessly through the media lens.
Bernie Sanders has had a tremendous influence throughout this election cycle. I like him and much of his unleashed ideology will continue to evolve. Bernie has left his mark but It is time to concede and get behind the nominee. Does he really want a contested convention while wagging his finger at Hillary? That’s annoying! I’ll say it, you lost. Get back to the Senate where the true conspiracy theories gather force and shake things up. Please stop encouraging the Bernie babies to get Super Delegates to change their vote. Let it go and say it loud and clear, “I’m with Her.”
If we keep hearing something over and over again, does that mean it’s true? No, but it’s a cheap trick from Madison Avenue and a form of brainwashing. Our politicians are coached on the art and science of government and more importantly on winning. So, here is one of my own: I’m not with HIM, not in this lifetime or any other. The Republican nominee does not have the word Democracy in his vocabulary. He is playing to the reptilian brain and lowest portion of humanity. He is a salesman who wrote a book called, “The Art of the Deal.” A story about self-promotion.
We need to ask ourselves who is the most capable person to be our next President? A woman who has dedicated her life to public service or a man dedicated to his own self-service? It’s quite simple there are two people in the race for the White House. I’m saying it, pick one and vote.