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By: Ed Wrobleski

Our guest this week is Jamey Garner of the band High South:

Like a warm musical breeze that blows through California’s hills and canyons – across its mystical high desert and into the heart of America – High South has captured the same evocative spirit that gave lift to such high soaring harmony bands like the Byrds, CSNY and the Eagles, which makes sense as the band are big fans of West Coast vocal harmony groups.

Blending the poetry of Greenwich Village in the 60s with the unmistakable harmony of Laurel Canyon in the 70s, the High South sound exudes the magic and timelessness of both these eras, while infusing a palpable new millennium sensibility.

The band’s own quote about themselves says it all: “We’re interested in writing songs that matter…songs that move people to a better place. And we want to have a lot of fun doing it.”

High South band mates – Kevin Campos, Jamey Garner and Phoenix Mendoza – three gifted singer-songwriters – delivering as one undeniable voice. “Their harmonies are so perfect and I smile as it takes me back to the first time I heard CROSBY, STILLS, NASH, AND YOUNG…” – Kim Carnes

Be sure to go and check out this band if they’re coming to a city or town near you if you happened to be in the new england area please go check them out on friday March 8th at The River Club Music Hall in Scituate, Massachusetts or go to their website and see where they’re playing near you.

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