Gary DeCarlo & Chuck Negron On Talking Hendrix

Steam & Three Dog Night On Friday Night

By Ed Wrobleski,

This week we’re airing two great classic interviews from our archives and our first of two guest is singer Gary Decarlo he sang the number one hit of 1969 ” Na Na Kiss Him Goodbye”:

DeCarlo is best known for having been the frontman for Steam, the group that recorded and released “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” way back in 1969.

The track was a major hit at the time, but has only grown in popularity ever since.

The refrain/title has been used in endless arenas and across multiple decades; from teams playing it over the loud speaker when a basketball player fouls out …

… to Democrats in Congress taunting their Republican colleagues with it after the House passed a version of a new healthcare law in early May.

Pat Horgan, a close friend of the late artist’s, tells TMZ that DeCarlo was in hospice care in Connecticut at the time of his passing.

His lung cancer had spread to various parts of his body by this point and his wife was by Gary’s side when he died.

gary DeCarlo was performing as recently as April of 2017 before his health took a turn for the much worse.

Along with their aforementioned smash hit, Steam released such songs as “I’ve Cried a Million Times” and “I’ve Gotta Make You Love Me.”

But it was “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye “that sold over eight million copies and which put DeCarlo on the music map.

The song has been recorded in German, Italian, Japanese and Portugese; it has been arranged in rap, reggae, Motown, disco and heavy metal versions.

It has featured in movies such as Remember the Titans and TV shows such as the Simpsons and Cheers. Heck it even played in a Kohler toilet commercial.

The musician thought he has overcome his initial cancer diagnosis in 2011, but it returned five years later, having invaded his lung, rib and back muscles.

“I love writing. I love being in the studio,” DeCarlo said shortly after the return. “I try to be up [in my home studio] everyday. Its like getting a B-12 shot. We lost Gary on June 28, 2017 due to a battle with lung cancer, He was 75 years old.

May Gary DeCarlo rest in peace.

Our second guest is the voice of the group Three Dog Night and that’s Chuck Negron:

In 1967, singer Danny Hutton invited Negron to join him and Cory Wells to found the band Three Dog Night. The group became one of the most successful bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s, selling approximately 60 million records and earning gold records for such songs as “One”, “Easy to be Hard”, and “Joy to the World”.

The rock and roll lifestyle took its toll on Negron, and by the time Three Dog Night disbanded in 1976, Negron had a serious heroin addiction which began in the early 1970s. In July 1975, the British music magazine, NME, reported that Negron had been arrested for cocaine possession in Kentucky. He overcame his addiction in September 1991 and embarked on a solo career, recording the albums:
Am I Still In Your Heart? (1995)
Joy to the World (1996), a Christmas CD
Long Road Back (1999)
Chuck Negron – Live In Concert (2001), a double CD set
The Chuck Negron Story (2005)
Negron Generations (2017)

He wrote his autobiography, Three Dog Nightmare (1999), in which he attributes his recovery from heroin addiction to his turning to God in desperation, after dropping out from more than 30 drug treatment facilities. A revised version with several new chapters was released in 2018.[14]

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Source: Gary DeCarlo & Chuck Negron On Talking Hendrix | Massapequa, NY Patch