First Activate Media Newsletter !


Ⓐctivate Media Newsletter

July 2015

News Flash!

Obamacare score’s victory with SCOTUS, but Fast Track passed for TPP! Same-sex marriage legal in all states!


Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers for some production assistance and in forming a live news team! Also looking for folk’s with grant writing experience!. Contact:

Upcoming Events

ctivate Radio Show Spotlight !

The Veterans for Peace Show is broadcast every Monday evening at 6pm eastern. It

features highly decorated vietnam era veteran Bob Funke, and his exploration of current events as they relate to the veteran’s perspective.

Immediate Goals

  • Assemble a small staff
  • Expanding Activate Radio Programming
  • Identifying writers for Activate Magazine
  • Finding a Volunteer to Produce ‘The Library’ show on Activate Radio
  • Fiscal Sponsorship

Upcoming Projects

  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Building Live News Team
  • The Activist Ball
  • Redevelopment of Occupy Boston Radio page as monument and archive
  • Rethinking the idea of studio space

Welcome Message!

It is with distinct pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome you to our very first newsletter! This is a space for us to share what’s happening behind the scenes, as well as upcoming projects and features that we know you’ll be most interested in.

Activate Media is an evolvement of Occupy Boston Radio. Activate Radio and Activate Magazine are projects of Activate Media. I am very proud of the development of both of our current projects. each of which has a section in this newsletter. These projects are enormous undertakings, but essential as tools not only to utilize freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but also to protect them.

In the past month’s, Activate Media has:

  • Added new programming to Activate Radio’s schedule both locally and from abroad.
  • Launched Activate Magazine as a second project of Activate Media.
  • Engaged in fundraising activities.
  • Put in place cost saving measures
  • Began work on a recognition wall on Activate Media website.
  • Covered Chris Hedges event in Boston, MA
  • Direct coverage of events in Gaza..

Our immediate goals are to become a sustainable non-profit independent-media organization with the staff and volunteers necessary to broadcast the voices of diversity and the marginalized through varied perspectives. We need both volunteers and funding to accomplish our goals. No matter what your contribution is to our collective dream, we ask one thing, that you join us! This can’t happen without your help!
Patrick Wilson –  Executive Director

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Updates at  Ⓐctivate Radio

Activate Radio is a streaming radio station that broadcasts news and commentary programs, with a focus on social justice and providing learning experiences that are unavailable in most of the mainstream media. We seek to educate while simultaneously effecting change in communities throughout the world.

Activate Radio has added several new programs over the past months and is on track to offering the highest amount of fresh content on a weekly basis we ever have! With developing technologies, we are able to bring you content from virtually anywhere in the world. If we can get both the volunteers and the funding, we plan on putting a team of people together to bring you ‘Live Breaking News’ directly from wherever it happens to be occurring! .This is a very ambitious project that deserves your support!

We just got our first swag at Activate Radio! Courtesy of Lucia Fiero, a long time supporter of Activate Radio! While they last, include your address with your donation to Activate Media, and we’ll send you a special ‘Activate Radio’ Button as a small token of our appreciation for your support!

You can donate to Activate Media by clicking the secure Donate Here Button in the upper right area of our website just below the player!

Thank You’s

  • Mr. Murphy
  • Steve Revilak
  • James Recht
  • Michael Kissinger
  • Anonymous
  • Lucia Fiero

e5 bannerWe have made a very tough decision in regard to our studio space at encuentro 5. We have decided that it is best at this time to not continue to incur a debt for studio space that is more than our funding allows. We view encuentro 5 and MGA as great organizations that are very supportive of burgeoning social movements in the Boston area. We look at this move as an opportunity to build the funding to support a studio that will help us in accomplishing our goals. We look forward to being supportive of encuentro 5 and its resident organizations as well as seeing them at events.


Activate Magazine Banner

Introducing  Ⓐctivate Magazine

With our roots in both Occupy Boston Radio and The Boston Occupier (Occupy Boston’s Newspaper), it only makes sense that we develop a written publication. We are actively seeking writers from around the globe that would like to write a column to appear in our online publication Activate Magazine.

We anticipate Activate Magazine becoming a visually and mentally stimulating hub for the news and views that shape our world.

Your Support Allows us to continue our work!