White Owls Release Celebration! “Live at Electric Andyland”

February 18, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Please join us as we celebrate the long awaited release of “Live at Electric Andyland.”

Monday, February 18
7 PM – The White Owls will perform an early show.
Intermission – David Johnston
9:30 PM – The White Owls “late” show.

CDs and Digital Cards will be available.

Some words from our fearless leader, Dennis Brennan:

I’m excited to let you know a bit about our new record.

The White Owls: Tim, Steve, Jim, Andy, and me, have performed every Monday at Toad for the past eight years. It’s grounded us knowing we could be with friends onstage and off on a regular basis. It’s made us better. The music went into the ether and perhaps it helped someone else feel better. I do know we always try something different. We don’t stand still.

“You guys have to document this,” someone said. But “live” recordings are rarely live. Too often they are enhanced with overdubbing and post performance studio trickery. You can make as many mistakes as you want when you play live and you can bet no one’s going to call you out. A recording is forever, however, and who wants their failures laid bare?

Andy, our drummer and head of Electric Andyland, pushed us to produce a live in-studio recording. He wanted everybody in the same room, playing and singing at the same time. Live. The way music was recorded up until the mid 1950’s.

I put my harp amplifier in the room with everyone else but insisted on singing and playing in the hall separate from the band. Once three-track recorders came along, it was common to put the singer in a broom closet or somewhere separate from the band. If I blew a lyric but we got a good take that meant the song wasn’t ruined.

We’re proud of this recording. It sure doesn’t sound like anything else out there now and it reflects the years of musical collaboration we’ve made and continue to make.

We’re The White Owls. Mondays at Toad, Cambridge.