GreenNurses – Marissa Fratoni RN on Cannabis and Pregnancy

February 6, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
GreenNurse Group

GreenNurse on the Go!! 8pm Here on Wednesday Night.

We welcome our very own GreenNurse Marissa Fratoni to share her experiences as a Cannabis Nurse and discuss the hot topic of cannabis use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

In the Community, Marissa is an Registered Nurse known as Holistic Nurse Mamma specializing in Womens Health, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Addiction and Cannabinioid Therapeutics. She is a member of American Cannabis Nurses Association and embodies what it means to be a GreenNurse. She is well-versed in the complementary and alternative healing modalities including primary care nursing, massage therapy, yoga and mindfulness practices, and integrative and functional nutrition. She is a professional medical writer for CannaHealth Magazine, 1000 Watts Magazine, Medium and The GreenNurse Blog. She advocates for the therapeutic use of cannabis as often as she can.

We are thrilled to have her as one of our own Massachusetts GreenNurses AND are grateful that she has the time to do this interview with us before she shifts to GreenNurse on the GOING out on maternity leave.

Give her a shout out and some LOVE Holistic Nurse Mama

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