Cooper Nuclear Flood Threat Continues + Illinois Nuke Legislation Tricks Tonight at 8PM ET on Nuclear Hotseat

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This Week’s Featured Interviews:

Paul Gunter is Director of the Reactor Oversight Project at Beyond Nuclear and a longtime veteran of the anti-nuclear wars.  He talks about the history of flooding and water leakage at Cooper Nuclear.

Gail Snyder is Board Chair of Chicago’s NEIS – Nuclear Energy Information Service.  She  addresses the challenge that climate change poses for nuclear reactors and what the future may look like for Cooper nuclear and all other nukes.

In a separate story, Dave Kraft, Executive Director of NEIS – Nuclear Energy Information Service,  is working on testimony to the Illinois state legislature to stop a move by Entergy (in unholy alliance with the state’s high-profile “environmental” groups) to create a separate energy market in Illinois that would allow state nukes currently slated for shutdown to keep running as part of the lie of their contribution to “clean” energy.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):Deregulate nukes?  Let the operators provide more “self-assessments” and cut back on public disclosures of problems?  Sure!  And while you’re at it, let’s put the fox in charge of the hen house, because, hey, what could go wrong?  (ANSWER:  DON’T ASK!)

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Source: Cooper Nuclear Flood Threat Continues + Illinois Nuke Legislation Tricks