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The class war between the rich and the poor will continue until people stand up to the government, media and corporations that created it! Without one disagreeing that another has less or more, how could they divide us? Raise the conscience and see that no one should get left behind!

Realise that just because someone has less money, or disabled, has children or is mentally ill, it doesn’t make them lesser a human than the next man.

See that by removing the opportunities in life for those clearly targeted will indeed continue to grow as children also become poor and in need.

By not having the money to attend clubs/entertainment, sports and things all kids should be able to get involved in, it will have an effect on the emotional development which in turn is a part of learning development and overall self esteem and confidence. The government are hurting these people and damaging them for life from an age that can be regarded as child abuse!

Many of us stand up and fight for what is right, we choose daily to make a change and put pressure on the dictatorship that only applies to the poor or vulnerable.

More are needed to bring this bullshit to its end! Be counted in the move towards freedom for all…put yourself into something worthwhile and see that simply having a job doesn’t make u amazing or fit in, it makes you a cog in the wheel of misfortune that others can’t/won’t play a part in. Have a job, but fight for the future, don’t just work then go home and watch TV with the occasional night out, by not being a voice or trying to raise awareness, your a part of the problem.

Boycott giant corps, attend council meetings, attend protests, sign petitions, use a megaphone, reclaim what’s ours, services and buildings, join a fracking camp, start a movement, whatever your doing no matter how big or small, something is better than nothing! Direct action is coming!

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