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Where’s the Calendar?

The way that our Calendar has been fed has changed very recently. We are searching for an alternative that accomplishes the same task, but realize that may not be possible.We know this calendar reaches many people, especially with the social media support that we give it. We appreciate any suggestions from our community.


The way that we have been doing the calendar is changing. The calendar will now be broadcast on Activate Radio multiple times daily. Some events will also be posted as articles in Activate Magazine. Nothing is perfect and we expect changes along the way. We appreciate you as part of our community and would like your input. Please continue to use the method below to allow us to put the calendar together to be broadcast and some events posted in Activate Magazine. 

Your event can be listed here by sending an invite on facebook to the ‘occupied nation’ page. We reserve the right to remove any posting for any reason. Making sure to include all the pertinent information and maps on your event page makes it easier for people to get to your event. It is our hope that this brings communities together across all divides.