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By Ed Wroblesk

This week we have three special guests along with a co-host on this week’s show. Our first guest is Pamela Ruby Russell who will be at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Saturday June 1st singing with the group Love and Flame featuring “Count” Viglione, our second guest is John Tamilio, guitarist from the group 3D who hit the Boston, Massachusetts scene in the mid 1980s and will also be at the Middle East on saturday June 1st performing as well, and our final guest for this week’s show is singer/songwriter Andy Pratt, with our special guest co-host from local area radio show Voices Of Time’s host Alan James Patterson who interviewed Andy recently on his show and is letting us use part of the interview for all of you listeneres of our show at the bottom of our article will be the link to the full show Alan did with Andy who also performed in the studio at the Boston Free Radio station studio some songs and the whole show link is a full two hours of Andy being interviewed, singing and original studio record songs of his material as well, Andy another Bostonian who will be at this spectacular event in Cambridge on saturday night June 1st to perform with all our guests plus more see in our music news section all the details, times, and performers to be at this once in a lifetime event for the Boston music scene reunion. More information about all our guests appearing on our show this week is below:

Andy Pratt information:

Andy talks with Alan James Patterson about what he has been up to lately, along with some interesting stories of his days of the past on the music scene. Andy who’s critically acclaimed hit “Avenging Annie”, released in 1973 and also written by Pratt, would later be covered by The Who’s frontman Roger Daltry which was released in 1977 on one of his solo albums entitled “one Of The Boys”. The song peaked at number 78 on the Billboard hot 100 for Pratt, and stayed there for 10 weeks and would be later featured in the 1998 film “Velvet Goldmine”. Pratt has released 29 albums the most recent being from 2015 entitled “Do You Remember Me” relaesed on Continental Record Services label. So if you’re a big fan of Andy be sure to tune in friday night and come out to see him perform on Saturday night June 1st.

Pamela Ruby Russell:

Pamela who saw Jimi Hendrix Once at the Fillmore East on New Year’s Eve and still has the program from the show!! It was,DEFINITELY mind blowing! says Russell, And later that summer she also saw him at Woodstock!!! Pretty cool!!! ” I awoke in the mud to hearing him playing the national anthem” she says. Pamela was also fortunate to have seen the Beatles at Shea Stadium and she also mentioned that she saw Janis twice… once when she wasn’t famous yet at the old World’s Fair site in Flushing NY opening up for Rick Derringer and the McCoys!, and then of course at Woodstock with Jimi. Pamela used to be the assistant buyer and sales person of cassettes when they first came out… at the Record Hunter on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street… that store was the gold standard of record stores back in NYC in the early ’70s, her roommate was the 45’s buyer… it was quite a year!!! All the A & R guys used to give us tickets to all the shows… But I first got exposed to music as a young 8 year old, studying piano, she said.

Pamela doesn’t currently have a band right now, but she will be taking the stage with Count Viglione and his band Love and Flame saturday night June 1st at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pamela had been on a hiatus with her music… working as a photographer, pretty seriously at it. But have been planning to record new songs this coming summer and will probably work with the same co-producer, Peter Calo, a monster guitarist and arranger… he’s been Carly Simon’s musical director and guitarist for years… she usually brings in musicians whom she trust to be true to their own selves… and whose color palettes harmonize well with her songs paint with sound rather than arrange… I leave the playing up to players who are far better than her she says. Pamela recorded years ago with a funk bass, bagpipes and a gorgeous violin.. along with a guitarist who played a drone in a strange tuning, it was perfect, says Russell. Another time she had huge drums, the same violinist, a French bass player… and an Andean flautist.. the bassist said to her, “I came in to play… just a gig.. for your recording and to my surprise and joy, you gave me the sky… and let me create with you.” she trusted his musicality and allowed him to shine. Pamela find that you get the best out of musicians when you give them the space to do what they love… she has never made much money with music… it has always been her love. It would be lovely to get some songs place in films… have other artists do her material… even get her own recordings heard… she hasn’t given up on her dreams. she love her songs and she love the process of creating them. When the windows open and she can allow her Muses the attention they deserve… it is Paradise for her.

John Tamilio of D:

In a world where there appears to be everything but peace, Rev. John Tamilio and legendary Boston band 3D release “Everything But Peace.” Essential listening for our times.
3d performing at the Reunion saturday night, June 1, 2019 @ The Middle East Restaurant, Cambridge
Everything But Peace is now in release, the follow-up to A Bit Like You
Everything But Peace is a powerful song, a message from an iconic Boston area band from the 1980s

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