Boston for Amir Lock and the many Black Lives lost. End No-Knock Warrants in Mass!

– Heidi Hiland

Please join us tomorrow 12pm at Nubian Square to march and rally to demand an end to no knock warrants in MA, to demand justice for the many Black Lives Lost due to police brutality and to rally in solidarity demanding justice for Amir Locke! We must put an end to these no knock warrants that allow law enforcement to enter a property without immediate prior notification of the resident! They conflict with ones right to self defense in one’s home and are prone to lead to deadly force by police!

We are calling for justice for Anthony Harden, killed by Fall River police last year! We are coming together with many local activists to demand justice for the many Black Lives lost here locally and nationally! We will have family members of victims speaking as well as local organizers. Please help us get this message out, End No Knock Warrants Now!