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By Ed Wrobleski

This week’s guest is New England blues musician extraordinaire James Montgomery 
In the 70s Boston’s music underground continued to bubble up. It had started with such bands in the late 60s as the Beacon Street Union, Ultimate Spinach and the Remains, as well as those who came to in the 70s such as Aerosmith, J. Geils Band, James Taylor, the Cars and the signature classic rock band Boston. In this mix came an artist who arrived in town as an undergraduate student and became one of the solidifying members of Boston’s music community, James Montgomery. 
James was, and still remains, a one-man dervish capable of grabbing an audience, controlling it and giving it a night to remember.

Montgomery came to town, from his home in Michigan, to get an education and play a little music. He presented a fresh image, a powerful sound, great backing musicians an “party ’til you drop” stage persona.

Though some of James’ contemporaries have long ago broken up, been inducted into or nominated for membership in the Rock and Roll HoF, James continues to be right where he belongs and relishes being. Montgomery will never be noted as a trendy musician, but as one who developed a style and has ridden it for over 50 years to a wonderful career. Even those contemporaries who retired or became part of Boston’s legendary rock royalty come running for a chance to share the stage with James.

Montgomery has had performers as legendary as the late James Cotton to the up and coming jazz star, Grace Kelly, join him on stage. The uniqueness of his performance is you never know whom may pop in to share the stage with Montgomery. Memebers of his band have gone on to play with Rod Stewart, Billy Joel and John Fogerty to name a few and others have left bands such as Joe Cocker, J. Geils, Hall & Oates, MC5 and Billy Squier and worked with James over time.

No matter who the musician may be Montgomery always find a way to build them into his show and create a truly unique event.

James is going to be performing two shows a 3:30 p.m. and a 6:30 p.m. in Beverly on May 12 at 9 Wallis. May 12 will also be James’s 70th birthday and there’s no place he’d rather celebrate it than performing onstage for his many fans and friends. The show is also a benefit for Guitars 4 Vets

If you can’t get out to see James there then please go to his official website below and find out where he will be playing near you his shows are never a disappointment and you also never know who will be sitting in with the band and James on any given night’s performance, but it’s always a good time out.

James Montgomery’s Official Website:

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James Montgomery Band performing Who Do You Love:

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Source: Blues Extraordinaire James Montgomery Comes To Talking Hendrix | Massapequa, NY Patch