By: Nancy Hammond


Make no mistake about it, our country is on high alert and engaged in a bite back of this horror show of Republican policy and betrayal. Bottoms up boys because in a monumental twist of fate you will be the ones filling those new corporate prisons. The time has come when We the People lock-up the criminal white men in suits.

Throughout this madness in Washington there has been an awakening of the American spirit. There is a feverish resistance taking place including bite back marches around the world. I seek to cherish this moment in history as we are tuned-in and turned-on. We have watched, listened and learned America’s Constitution and will no longer tolerate this fake President’s gaffes. He assaults us daily but still we persist by calling and writing to our representatives. We march in the streets and attend Town Hall meetings. The lights indeed have come on and just like Lady Liberty we are shining.



In my attempt to comprehend the primitive thinking of the Republican Party I began to research the Reptilian Brain. During the 1950’s Dr. Paul MacLean published his study of the human brain and titled it the “Triune Brain Model”. In short, he believed that humans had not one brain but three: The reptilian complex, the limbic system and the neocortex. He summited the reptilian brain is the oldest and is the direct descendant of the dinosaur. Through evolution a new brain formed over the old brain until we had three brains. For purpose of a demonstration, I will explore Dr. Paul MacLean’s theory on the lowest part of our brain. The reptilian brain’s function according to Dr. Paul MacLean has no discernment other than our survival mode. It has a low frequency with characteristics that include: Dominance, rigidity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, worship, fear, submission, and greed. This part of our brain contains the same DNA as modern day: Crocodiles, lizards, snakes and chickens. So as not to leave you in the dark, Dr. Paul MacLean explains that the middle brain or Limbic system is responsible for our emotions and the neocortex is the highest frequency used for analytical thought. Which brain we use depends on the type of “triggers” we experience and are more often triggers from our childhood. Dr. Paul MacLean thought that the reptilian brain was triggered by the need of physical survival but now more commonly by power through money, greed, aggression and compulsive behavior. With the overemployment of the reptilian brain a person becomes desensitized by horror and does not submit to fear. Road rage has been used as an example in conjunction with the reptilian brain. When a threat is perceived whether real or imagined there is a disconnect of emotions and analytical thought. Dr. Paul MacLean remarked that when triggered, the reptilian brain communicates poorly with the emotional and logical brain. Is it any wonder that the reptilian-republican denies science?

Dr. Paul MacLean concludes, that the use of our neocortex or analytical brain is where we logically and rationally make sense of our reptilian and emotional brain. It is conceivable that we are experiencing a pivotal moment in history, with a reawakening of the American spirit. Perhaps it is from the resistance to the tweeter-in-chief that our neocortex brain bites back for our freedom of democracy? If this is so, we will have gratitude for the political bird brains and dim-wits in Washington; for their Republican constituents will show no mercy for their crocodile tears.