Binaural Beats: Any Science to it?

By: Patrick Wilson

Both the body and the mind can take a beating in the lifestyle of an activist. If you’ve been involved with doing something to make the world a better place, you’ve undoubtedly learned to function on two hours sleep on a regular basis. You very likely have some level of PTSD in being confronted with human atrocities. Viruses like the cold or the flu seem to attack between projects. And when you finally get to a spot when you can sleep, you want to sleep for days. And yes, I think depression is a normal thing in the activist’s world.

There are three things that I like that can help both physically and mentally. Yoga, meditation, and marijuana each have positive health benefits that are proven. Marijuana has become legal to use in Massachusetts and yoga is amazing at easing some of the aches and pains that we get along the way. I think it’s interesting to learn of different ways to meditate. Some involve chanting in one of several old languages. Other methods involve bells or bowls that create audible tones that one can concentrate on.

Earlier this year I was looking for something relaxing to listen to that would help me be able to slow things to a point and then sleep. I tried the environmental ones, but I can open a window and get that. The chanting ones were good, but then I came across Binaural Beats. I’ll admit that the incredible claims made me skeptical enough to listen.

I never believed that listening to a different frequency in each ear would give me any feelings of euphoria, nor would it cure whatever ails me. My thought was just that one could experience a placebo effect with something like this, but nothing drastic. I did find it interesting and relaxing. The ones that I liked cleansed the 7 chakras with different frequencies. I live in a state that has legalized recreational and medical marijuana use. So for me the combination of an indica, the binaural beats, and some meditation led to a good nights sleep.




This video worked best for me, as far as being able to relax and slow down. You don’t have to really concentrate on anything, just listen. With the headphones on this allowed me to clear my mind of all that trump might have done on that day. Morning came too early as usual.

Look out for Pt. 2: Binaural Beats – The Science


This article was originally published at Occupied Nation Website. Permission granted, all rights reserved.