By Nancy Hammond

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

“BernHilldy” is my amalgamated name for Bernard “Bernie” Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Why not? We already have: Brangelina, Bennifer,TomKat and Kimye? Partners with names joined together into a whole. Now that’s the ticket! I want these two presidential candidates to run together because Capitol Hill and the Congressional house are burning. A revolution is underway in Washington for a change in the status quo. Regardless of who wins the democratic nomination, Bernie and Hillary should agree to run together. In this way, BernHilldy will without question be victorious and win the White House. Really, they ought to proclaim this now as a preemptive strike. This is my cautionary warning to BernHilldy, please don’t break-up.

There is an alchemy of anger in this country from the far right and far left side of politics. The moderate voice has virtually disappeared. Common sense has all but gone out of style. The war is on right here in America. We are a country with dueling personalities; a melting pot of ideology and divisive camps. What we’ve got here are the Hatfields and the McCoys. Seems to me what we can all agree on is nothing is gittin’ done in congress. It’s time to bang the drum and storm the hill. Or you can start by making a list. What drives you?

BernHilldy, in concept, reflects my values of tolerance and transformation. BernHilldy is the melding of a grassroots movement coupled with skillful foreign diplomacy. The dawn of a new day. An historical renaissance for generations to come. Conversely, there are the filibusters that wish to return back to them old days; to a time when prejudice and inequity was decree. Embracing the fabled Adam and Eve instead of accepting Adam and Steve. Oh for heaven’s sake, that’s not Christian. Put God back in the saddle. In the words of John Wayne, “courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” Giddyup BernHilldy!