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By Ed Wrobleski

Our guest this week is rock journalist/columnist for the website the Aquarian Mike Greenblatt who has a forthcoming book entitled “Woodstock 50: Back To Yasgur’s Farm” which according to will be released in mid-July shortly before the actual 50th anniversary of this great festival that celebrated peace, love, and music for three whole days. Mike actually attended the festival and tells his story of his experience of what went on out there on that big farm that Max Yasgur let close to a half a million people stay on for three days with no violence of any sort, just basically what rock and roll’s montra basically states sex, drugs, and rock and roll the hardest drug there was marijuana and the thing we all heard in the movie by Chip Monk announcing the brown acid.

Mike interviewed for his book twenty one artists who performed at Woodstock including members from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Canned Heat, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Sly and the Family Stone, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, musician/singer Willie Nile who attended as a fan at the time, and even some of the sound engineers and lighting crew for the festival as well, all those interviews are intertwined with Mike’s story of being at one of the biggest historical events of the twentieth century which at the time no one even knew how big this festival would be and also never could be topped again for an event with such attendance as this one would have.

Mike has stated that this is not a family friendly type of book that you’d want to share with your young children as we stated earlier that he does talk about meeting naked women who were free loving spirits for that time as it was what everyone called the hippie era/movement also known as the summer of love and of course some of the drug culture that was taking place on that historical weekend.

The book is being put out by F+W Media (the people who own Goldmine Magazine) a well established music publication that comes out twice a month to keep all of us music people up to date on the latest album releases, record conventions coming to a city and state near you, and of course there are music store advertisements where you can purchase your favorite vinyl records, cds, and dvd releases, along with music reviews on either the newest releases from upcoming/established artists and even reussued albums.

Please go out and pick up this piece of rock and roll musical history when it hits the book stores or however you get your reading material now a days there are plenty of pictures included some have been seen and some obviously have not but this will be a book you won’t want to miss out on reading if you were there and want to remember some great points of the three days of the festival or if you are someone new that didn’t get to go or wish you were around then to experience the festival. This is the big year for a half a century of one of music history’s biggest events that has been tried to be replicated but has never come close and now this year the creator Michael Lang of this glorious event was ready to put on an anniversary show to try and come close to what we had in 1969 and it now has been cancelled for various reasons, let’s face it you can’t go back in time to have another one of these events again they’ve tried and none have been as sucessful as the original one, it was a time where everyone came together and helped one another for what was considered at that time a disaster area; Do we think in today’s world and economy that this could ever happen again? If you’re interested in reading an article Mike wrote almost one year ago to the date not quite check out the link below and you’ll see some of what he experienced and will be talking about in his book due out soon.

link to Mike’s rant and roll column for the Aquarian:…

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