Anchor Babies



Anchor Babies

By, Nancy Hammond


Am I the only one who is confused with the political terminology known as, “anchor babies”? I am familiar with the words: illegal alien, immigrant, migrant, and even refugee. And before some wise-ass says, “Google it!” hear me out. I am utterly confused with the categories and sub-categories of human beings. Oh, and I won’t even get into: straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. etc. What the hell is going on? Are we all just losing our minds? Does everyone need a label or hashtag in order to process who or what, we or “they” are? There are even categories and subcategories on where each group should be living. From my understanding, the “anchor babies” can stay in America but the parents need to leave. Go back to Mexico, you no good illegals! But naturally, they can’t leave a child by themselves, so the baby becomes the anchor, (hence holding the family together.) Now there is a policy we can wrap our heads around (hashtag # utterly confused.) I really thought human beings were all immigrants and descendants from other countries around the globe. And I do get the first, second and third generation concept. So, my Danish Grand-parents came to America by boat to Ellis Island. Again, this gets confusing because most human beings immigrated via boat, in search of a better life. The problem seems to center around the pedigree of the actual boat. For example, a wooden raft or an inflatable boat are not apparently acceptable forms of transportation. American history books taught us, that it was the Native American Indian who had first dibs on this country. But everything gets kind of fuzzy after that. I need not digress. From what I can understand, a migrant can be a Mexican who is quote, working or, any and all nationalities, who flee from their native land (usually on foot.) But I haven’t checked this out on Wikipedia yet. I suspect it will say any and all persons going from one place to another due to profound unhappiness at home. Finally, there are the refugees who are being greeted at global borders with a razor fence and guns. These are the human beings that are still in the “sub” category, where only a handful will get a banana on the side of the road. But still the refugees keep coming. Hashtag them apples.

Photo Credit: Joseph Voves

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