Activate Radio Welcomes You to Memorial Day / March Against Monsanto Weekend ! Help us Reach our Fundraising Goal

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Greetings and Welcome to Memorial Day/ March Against Monsanto  Weekend! Activate Radio has a Great Weekend of special Programming celebrating our past and also working to Raise the Funding to secure our immediate  future!

Activate Radio is an online streaming radio station that has it’s roots in the Occupy Movement. We broadcast news and commentary programs, with a focus on social justice and providing learning experiences that are unavailable in most of the mainstream media. We seek to educate while simultaneously affecting change in communities throughout the world.

We are not a new station, as we have been broadcasting for over three years. Recently however, we have restructured the station to become a non profit organization. We are a non-commercial station that prides itself on being free from corporate influence. As many of you know, most of the media in our world is controlled by six corporations.  We believe that the people deserve the truth, and that marginalized voices deserve to be heard. 

Please, over this weekend be safe! And please take a moment and make a donation to Activate Radio to help us on this mission that benefits all our causes! Whether your donation is $10 or $1,000, it all adds up, and gets us to our goal a little quicker. You’ll see a blue ‘Donate’ button on the upper right hand portion of the Activate Web Site. Your donation will help us to cover costs like studio space, servers and all the necessities of running any organization.

Thank You in Advance! And Solidarity to each of you!

Please also help by spreading our message as far and wide as possible!