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Activate Media Newsletter

June 2016


Hi People,

Welcome to Summer of 16! Feels like it took forever to get here. I hope this reaches all of you in good health. With the political climate both local and nationally the need for independent media has never been greater. We are polishing our skills, and at Activate Media we have some great tools that we need to put to use, but need volunteers to put the gears in motion. An explanation of the Volunteers we are looking for right now are in the Independent Music and T-Shirt Shop Sections below.  I’ll discuss those opportunities later in this newsletter, as well as;

  • Changes in the Activate Radio schedule
  • Programming Focus
  • Local Business and Organization support
  • Independent Music
  • The Activist Ball

Activate Radio Schedule Changes

With summer here and Extinction Radio on hiatus until fall, I’ve taken the opportunity to make some schedule changes that will bring all of the environmentally based shows to Wednesday nights. I’m hoping that when Extinction Radio is back in the fall, that we can add that show to Wednesday nights as well. Talk Nation Radio has been moved to Tuesdays with Free School University. On Thursday nights, Economic Update hosted by Dr. Richard Wolff is on each week at 6pm, before the Occupied Nation Show and The Young Jurks.

Programming Focus

Thus far, Activate Radio, and before it, has had an open freeform style of programming that put shows all over the place without so much thought to marketing and the schedule as a whole, rather than its individual parts. Moving forward, the day and the week need to be structured in a logical way.  An example of this is where I have moved some of the shows to be grouped with shows that are beneficial to each other.  Different periods of the day need unique types of programming. Currently, the evening hours are when most of Activates fresh content is broadcast. During the early morning hours, many of the weeks show’s are replayed. Mid-morning and the afternoon periods need to be built. The thought with this is to do call-in talk radio 3 hours in the morning, and in the afternoons M-F. This may be accomplished through the use of computers in remote locations initially. This type of programming would be benefitted by a studio when we can make that happen.

Local Businesses and Organizations

In today’s news cycle it’s sometimes difficult to see beyond the gloom and doom. There are many businesses and organizations that are doing amazing things in the community, and we at Activate Media should do our best to point out these deeds and the people that make them happen. While we need writers at Activate magazine, we will start doing features regularly with the resources we have.

Independent Music

The majority of the music that is played on Activate Radio currently is Creative Commons licensed media. This has worked well for us so far, but we have found that sometimes people that license their music as Creative Commons will copyright it after, which can create issues for those that are trying to do the right thing as far as compliance with copyright. Due to this, we will begin filtering out Creative Commons music in our broadcasts.

Moving forward, we will curate independent music at first from the Boston area, and from other places as we grow. We have a release form that retains artist ownership yet allows Activate Media to broadcast the music, and help to promote it. Our hope is to be able to refresh the music played on Activate Radio on a monthly basis, and will create a page on our website which will provide links to artist websites. We strive to present a variety of music from different genres allowing us a rich diversity in what we present.

This change creates the opportunity for 3 volunteer positions that will work directly with me to sort through, and curate the best that we can bring the public. These volunteer positions have the potential to expand into other areas of our organization. If interested, please send an email to .

Volunteer T-Shirt Shop mgr. needed

We put a very basic Tshirt shop on our site a few months ago. The purpose of this is to be able to raise a little bit to get started with a local screen printer. Our preference is to utilize small and local businesses, but there are up-front costs involved in their supplies etc.  The duties of the t-shirt shop mgr. will be to work directly with me to market t-shirts from the online shop, and then to work with local screen printer and other vendors to market Activate Media Merchandise.

Activist Ball

Yes, we plan on having another Activist Ball! The last one was amazing, and I’m sure will be remembered for some time. There is much work that goes into an event like this and requires the dedication for several months by people that can be responsible for their portion of the work needed to put it all together, and the cohesion to work as a team through the obstacles that crop up. Stay-Tuned on this item!

We sincerely appreciate the support that we get both financially and through volunteers. If you would like to help, visit our website, or send a message to

Patrick Wilson