Activate Newsletter April 2016

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Activate Newsletter  April 2016

Hello Friends,

I hope this reaches each of you in health and happiness! I’ve chosen to use this format for Newsletters from this point. The more highly produced one was nice but more cumbersome to do with the resources that we have. We’ve been very busy over the past months at Activate Media. Our programming is ever expanding and changing at Activate Radio, and we have some very exciting things going on there. Activate Magazine is up and running, and we are looking for more writers.

There has been much rumbling as of late here in Boston over GE, BPS, and the BRA, and nationally with the elections, Supreme Court rulings and the Panama Papers. We will continue covering these issues as well as many more as we grow.

I’d like to announce that we will be putting a planning group together for an event that will be held in the fall. We will more than likely also plan a free event to happen during the summer months as a prelude to the event in the fall. If you are local to the Boston area and would like to join the planning group, please send an email to .

Patrick Wilson. executive director


Activate Radio

We are in the process of moving some things around in our schedule at Activate Radio, and are always looking for new programs. We are also always looking for new music to play. If you have music that you have created and own all rights to, send an mp3 to . If it’s something we can use, we will send you a release to sign so that we can play it. You retain ownership.

We are ecstatic that the Veterans for Peace Show is coming back with new episodes in the very near future. More details on this will be coming soon! Extinction Radio is taking a break from production, but will be back with new episodes in the fall. RadioEcoShock will be moving from Tuesdays to Wednesdays joining Nuclear Hotseat. And finally, we are super excited about Dr. Richard D. Wolff and his show ‘Economic Update’ joining Thursday Evenings.


Activate Magazine

Activate Media features articles and pieces from Josh Sager, Nancy Hammond, Patrick Wilson, as well as syndicated pieces utilizing Creative Commons license. Activate Magazine welcomes new writers. We prefer to put out editorial and news pieces involving social justice, activism, civil rights etc. We do not pay for articles. but will promote your media equally, and will not ask you to pay for placement. If you are interested, send us an example of your writing to .

Activate Donate Powerto PPL

Happy Birthday to Rick Berlin (April 20th), and Mike Cann (April 21st) 🙂 Please take a second to wish them a Happy Birthday!

Special Thanks to David Knuttunen, James Recht, Sarah Francis, Mike Rushton (lefty), David Concepcion, Nancy Hammond and Josh Sager for their ongoing contributions!

Support Activate Media with a Donation! We really need all the support that we can get in order to continue to improve our broadcasting and publishing. We would love to be able to fund a studio to bring you much more local programming, and possibly start to offer daily news programming, as well as exploring the idea of music licensing. With a studio and new computer/ camera equipment we can start to take the next step into video. Some of these things may seem far off, but with proper support anything is possible.

We’ve made a commitment to keep this project going forward, and we need your help to keep the wheels turning. Whether your contribution is modest or bold it all helps us to be able to keep improving. Make your contribution today by visiting our web site at and clicking the blue donate button under the radio player!

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