Activate Media’s Website is Back Up!

Now we rebuild the Radio Station!

In December WordPress had a major update that included Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the new editor in WordPress. When our website updated to the lates version of WordPress, the problems began, and our website became disfunctional.  We got the run around from Ipage a company we’ve used to host our site since it’s inception. Since then they have charged one of our bank cards without authorization and never did let us know whether they fixed the problem or not. Thankfully LeftClick offered to help. The site is now back up on it’s new host.

It’s as close as we could get it to the way that it was before the holidays.  We are planning some changes to the site after the radio station is back up and running. We’d like to bring some more information to the front page of the site. One of the first things that we hope to do is put the player for the radio in a different place. This will helpuserson remote devices find the player more quickly.

Over the next few days we hope to get the Calendar populated properly, as well as getting our social media game back up and running. Now that we have a functioning website, it makes sense to .


Thank You for your patience.