Activate Media Summer 2016 Fundraising Campaign!


Over the past few years since becoming Activate Media we have been busy building infrastructure and perfecting our craft. We have had support from within as well as from the community in many ways. We appreciate the help that we get from people so much. If it weren’t for that help Activate Media wouldn’t be here today.

Over the year we have grown in many ways, from programming to adding Activate Magazine and Activate Calendar. Being an election year, we are sure you see the need for better media and journalism that has ethics. The world needs more media that is focused on the diversity amongst us and cognizant of real challenges that face our society.

We must grow in order to meet these challenges and provide the public with tools and information to build a better world. Our next steps are to be able to get a new studio so that we are able to more easily produce shows locally here in Boston, but also to be able to add a couple of interns, some basic equipment for new shows and increase our web presence. Our intention is to become a funded non-profit that will be a champion for the people as well as helping elevate organizations that are doing grass-roots work in social justice.

The Summer 2016 Fundraising Campaign will go to the end of August and we are hoping to raise $2500 over that time. If we are able to accomplish this we have a special party planned in the fall that we will make admission free! As many of you know, we throw a good party!

Your support, whether it’s $5ooo or $5 all adds up, it helps us to be able to meet our current needs and helps us to be able to accomplish our goal of growth. We have a long way to grow but with your help, we can do anything! Please click on the blue donation button on our website and make your generous contribution.

Thank You in Advance,

Patrick Wilson – Director




photo credit: Robert Rittmuller


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